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May 1, 2009

NOT a Christmas Card!

I had to get that disclaimer out of the way immediately! Why? Let me explain. :) This is another of my new Kim Hughes stamp sets. I think it is just adorable! I purchased it recently and in my quest to stop "collecting" stamp sets without using them, I figured I would ink it up before it found it's way to the "trees" drawer. :) I masked and colored and made this card that I thought was so cute! LOL Then.... I showed it to my dear husband. Want to know what his response was?

Me: Look at this cute card honey. Isn't it cuuuuuuute? (said in a high pitched cooing voice)
Hubby: Ya... isn't it out of season though?
Me: No, it's a gnome, not Santa Clause!
Hubby: Oh, it looks out of season to me.
Me: Honey, it's a gnome... you know... the little things that go on vacation?

*sigh* LOL Maybe I'll pull this stamp set out again around Christmas? LOL AFTER I show you the other card I made with it tomorrow of course! LOL My other NOT a Christmas card!

To make this card I created lots of masks so everything could be on one layer. Then, I screwed up when I colored the trees, so I ended up making them dimensional so I could cover the mistake. :) OOPS! I kinda like the dimensional trees though. :) Remember, always try to salvage your card before you scrap it. I gave my GNOME a furry brimmed red SANTA CAP LMBO and gave him a furry mustache ala Fun Flock. You know... now that I am looking at this card, it looks like Santa! LOL NO... he doesn't... does he? *snickering*

I used the rag and blender solution technique again for the grass, tree trunks, sky and GNOME cap. See where I placed my watermark? Under that is a SMEAR of ink. I accidentally used the wrong ink and the blender solution made the ink smear. *sigh* Typically, I would scrap it and start over, but I had spent so much time working on it, so I let it slide. If you squint, it looks like a shadow from the tree. :)

I love making wispy skies. The blender solution mixed with BG10 just makes it so light and airy and blotting with a rag even makes it better!
This card is another example of letting the images lead the card size! You guessed it! By the time I was done, this was an 8 1/2 X 11 piece of card stock scored in half. LOL OOPS! Sometimes you just have to roll with it. :) I'd rather have a balanced GARGANTUAN card, than one that becomes a victim of a forced layout. Walk on the wild side and try it some day. :) You might have to mail it in a big ol' yellow envelope, but SO WHAT! :)

Stamps: Forest Friendzy, polka dot BG
Ink: Stazon Black (an OOPS choice with my Copics, do NOT use this ink with Copics), white craft
Paper: Real Red, black, white
Accessories: oval punch, scalloped oval punch, white embossing powder, twill, button (Hobby Lobby), Copic markers, rag, blender solution, refill, fun flock, quickie glue pen, red line dimensionals, glue dots, white gel pen


  1. I love this Gnome, I am so on a mushroom kick right now. Yes the traveling gnome from off of the commercials. Don't we always say the bigger the better. Kudos, TFS, it's great!

  2. Great Card Jody and holy Crap! a WHOLE piece of CS??? Sheesh!! I HAVE figured out though that a LOT of the cards made on blogs are NOT A2 sized.... LOL I'm slow but NOT dumb! :)

    Kim Hughes, Hmmmmm, what company is that? I LOVE my SU Gnomes!

  3. What the heck do men know anyway! LOL! Love your gnome card! (He really thought it looked like Santa, eh?)

  4. Hmm, Santa wears a RED suit, too, so this is certainly not Santa. Sheesh! LOL

    I'm sure your hubby would have understood it was a gnome if he was stuck in the ceiling of the hotel room. I bust up every time I see that commercial.

    Anyway, great card, BIG card, you can make a custom envelope to match with your Scor-pal and you're set! :)

  5. Everyone knows that American Appliances don't work in Europe (Oh Grow Up!) - Yep, I've seen the Gnome commercials too and just love them. I think your card is super cute and not at all Christmasy looking.

  6. I think this is adorable!! Men!! LOL

  7. This is just the cutest gnome! Men can be a little "slow" at times can't they? Got a big kick out of your story!

  8. LOL...I always get a giggle out of your conversations with the family!

    Love this gnome card...he's cute for sure!!

    Sometimes my cards come out large too but luckily I saved all those envelopes from when we USED to buy boxes of Xmas cards...tossed the cards, kept the envelopes ;) They come in handy!

  9. another cute card Jody - doesn't look 'Christmasy' to me at all. :) love it!!

  10. lovin' your whimsy girl!!!
    these are adorable.

  11. I'll admit it - I stalk and don't post....but I had to because when I saw this Christmas card - is so! - I was like, oh, she's getting ahead of the game, or she's getting ready for winter pubs or something...LOL - then I actually READ it....a gnome - love's a gnome and not Santa...still laughing! It's adorable though!

  12. Hey Jody. I LOVE this card!!!! I have a special place in my heart for this Forest Friendzy set, and actually, when I first got it, I thought it would make an adorable santa or elf, too. So I guess I'm on the same wave-length as your hubby! :) I have to say it again. I just love this :)

  13. I love your gargantuan non-Christmas card!!!! lol So cute!


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