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Jun 28, 2010

What's in my mailbox this week?

Hi all!  Ready to see what was in my mailbox this week?  I got two awesome packages that I am excited to share with you. :) 

First up, I got an AWESOME package from The Cat's Pajamas!  Alma added the coolest twine to the store and I HAD to have it.  It looked so luscious!  I couldn't decide what colors to get... so I got them all!  *wheeeeeeeee*  Each spool has 240 yards on it, so I pretty much have a lifetime supply plus a little to will to my daughters.  LOL 

Check out my Divine Twine:

Plus, I got 2 stamp sets from their new line, Mew Paper Arts.  It is the cutest little bunny and I can't wait to get these inky!  :)  The sets are named Joyride and Blow.  Click on the set names to be directed to the website.  The sentiment in the "Blow" set made me HAVE to have it: Let happy thoughts multiply like rabbits!  Heehee  SO fun!

Next up, I placed a little Bella order.  I am blaming it on Jodi Collins & Karen Motz.  They "made" me do it.  One day I was blog browsing and came across Jodi Collins' Rollabella card and that was it.  I was all over it.  LOL  I got several new cuties that I can't wait to play with.  Rollabella reminds of my girls, the bike Bella drew me in because there is a cute puppy in the basket (hello pet ownership), and the teacup girls... well... they are just flippin' ADORABLE. 

Hope you enjoyed peeking into my mailbox this week.  I hope to have more to share soon!

Have an awesome week and I'll see you many times this week.  I have stamped a TON!



  1. ACK!!! I was oogling that twine but couldn't justify the cost!!! I wish Alma would sell it in smaller amounts!!! I placed my first order from TCP and got Joyride also!! LOVE those bunnies!!

    I also blame Karen and Jodi for my Teacup girl addiction....

  2. The twine is amazing but ya, you will have that forever and then some! I am going to visit Bellaland while I am in Toronto for work....I hope to bring home a little package too!!!

  3. Someone's going to be a busy girl! Can't wait to see what you'll be making! My mailbox could use a little Jody happy mail, you know. It's been a LOOOOONG time, Ms. Thing! :)

  4. EGADS!!! I am soooo jealous of your mailbox... (Note to self - place a stamp order STAT). I just love the bunny stamps :) And oh yeah, you can never have to many Bella's! I can't wait to see what you have come up with!

  5. SO SO Funny... I HAD to resist the twine as my kids will inherit enough CRAP that they dont want and 240 yds each??? AACK! But I WANT SOME!!!! LOL

    I also ordered from Bella, the new Mavis line... STILL WAITING... was supposed to be delivered on the 26th.... **sigh** I HATE international shipping waiting....

    Cant wait to see what you've been up to!!!!

  6. okay, Jody! that twine is awesome! you know we would all love a little twine-share, hint, hint ;) OR, I could just buy some of that life-time supply off of you! lol! Such wonderful Happy mail! can't wait to see what you create!!!

  7. Yippee!!! I enabled YOU for a change!!! LOL!!! You have no idea how much fun stuff I've picked up because I saw it on your blog! :)

  8. I just ordered all of the Divine Twine, too.. that's how I think, too.. you expect me to choose?!

  9. I love that twine. I got 4 of my best stamping buddies to go in on it and we got 4 colors! You wouldn't believe how sore my arm was after unwinding and winding all that twine.
    But boy oh boy is your mailbox full of the best stuff. Keep sharing.


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