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Jul 21, 2010

Good Friends Cry at the Same Movies

Hi everyone!  I am back with another TCP (The Cat's Pajamas) card today.  This image really speaks to me.  I LOVE movies.  In fact, while I stamp, I watch movies.  I enjoy romantic comedies, crude humor, and comedy for stamping.  While I made this card, I was watching the newly-released Bounty Hunter with Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston.  It's cute.  :)  Movies to steer clear of while stamping: The Notebook (hello sob fest), Click (tears), Marley & Me (being a pet owner now, this one gets me LOL)... so, keep it light and fun to keep your mojo in check. 

This stamp set, Good Friends is perfect for movie/TV lovers.  I went with a traditional "movie color combo": red, black, yellow, and white.

Don't miss the details:
  • Hardwood floor ala Thin Wood Veneer Paper  Please note I actually STITCHED on it, and it was FINE!  YAY  It's literally wood... and paper... strange and cool at the same time.
  • Sparkly Fluff "rug" (used sticky sheets as my adhesive)
  • Sakura clear glaze pen on the penguins eyes and the remote buttons (which I colored in a bright green to mimic the back lighting)
  • Plaid ribbon

 Thanks for stopping by!  I'll see you soon.  I have a bunch more cards to share.

Question of the day: Do YOU watch movies while stamping?  What are some of your favorites? 


  1. Love the card!!! I ususalyy watch a movie that I can sing to!!! Disney, Rent, Pahntom, Chicago, etc. So I don't really need to "watch" them... Or I have all the seasons of Greys Anatomy- always good to watch too or ANY Pixar movie... I have to be careful if I put in a movie I haven't seen before- I forget to stamp!
    Diane Cooper

  2. Really cute! I love the fluffy rug.

  3. This is SO you! I totally love it!

  4. What a GREAT card!!!!! I cant wait for my order to get here!!!! I'm a closet TCP lover!!!!! it and MFT were the only companies I ordered from.... shoulda kept it that way... got too much crap!!! LOL

    I SO can't multitask with stamping and movies!!!! Rest of life, piece of cake!!!! ;)

    I have a sewing machine on my wish list too PS.... 8)

  5. So totally cute!! LOVE the floor!!

  6. Oh how fun! Love the sparkly fluffy rug! CUTENESS!

  7. So cute Jody! Love that fluffy rug :)


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