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Aug 6, 2010

Go Forth & Eat Cake

Who really needs an invitation to go forth & eat cake?  NOT ME!  LOL  I am using the cute new stamp set from TCP, Forget About the Cake

I have to confess that the entire time I was making this card, I was thinking about the cake that my daughters made for my husband and me.  We recently celebrated our 11th anniversary, and while we were out having our anniversary lunch, my daughters (10 & 12) made us a cake.  When we got home, they made us close our eyes and lit 2 candles (signifying 11 they told us) and we blew out the candles.  Then they proceeded to tell us about their cake-making experience.  Apparently we were out of tub frosting, so they googled how to make chocolate frosting (isn't that adorable?) on their laptop.  It involved boiling the frosting and lots of ingredients.  I was grinning ear to ear until they got to the last part.  Then, came the confession.  They discovered when making the frosting that they didn't have quite enough powdered sugar for the recipe.  Their fix?  FLOUR!  *gag*  LOL  Knowing that might be kinda weird, they ALSO added in some granulated sugar to sweeten the flour.  LMBO  The frosting was literally dripping down the sides of the cake onto the cake plate.  heehee  They were SO sweet to think of us, but that frosting... ACK!  LOL

See you soon!  :)  Do you have any funny "kid stories" to share?  Something sweet? funny?  Any frosting mishaps in YOUR house?  I'd love to hear them. 


  1. Ohh now I want cake and it's 7 am. Your card is FANTASTIC Jody and I love your frosting story.

  2. So here is my question... did you actually GO FORTH and EAT THAT CAKE??? LMAO!!!! OMG How sweet (or not) is that story!!!! LOL

    Such good girls spoiling mom and dad like that!!!!

    Congrats on 11... we just had 16 and I STILL wanna kill him sometimes!!!! LOL

  3. Adorable card. The image is so cute.

    What sweet daughters you have...but I also want to know if you actually ate any of that cake? LOL

  4. Love the TCP bunny-so sweet! are killing me with the MFT are a creative genius!!!!! The hammock scene--wowzers!!

  5. ...and first the strawberries, and now tomatoes and apples...stop, please stop with the creative cleverness--I'm getting overwhelmed!! Just kidding--please DON'T stop!

  6. How adorable though...cute card and story Jody!!

  7. Your cards are always FAB!! :) Great card. Sorry, no funny cake stories, we don't eat cake. :) Like the idea, just not the actual. We have cookies or brownies instead.

    What great kids you have!! :)



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