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Sep 19, 2010

I Think YOU Can

Hi!  Today I have another boy card.  I have to tell you I was laughing when I was making this card.  It took me back to the time when my now 16 year old son was about 3-6.  I dressed him in THE most adorable outfits (so *I* thought).  You know... sweater vests, khaki shorts, cute little clip on ties... all finished off by his adorable bowl haircut.  When he looks at pictures now, I get "the eye".  heehee  So, this cute little plaid overall outfit, complete with white long-sleeved shirt, and white bandanna?  TOTALLY something I would have dressed him in!  :) 

For this card I used Wyatt the Conductor from the MFT Pure Innocence Collection. 

Is this not the cutest little boy outfit EVER???  LOL


  1. How adorable :) Too bad you couldn't post some of your son's pics beside your stamped image *wink*.
    And I love the brads used for his cover'alls.

  2. So cute, Jody. I love those big corduroy brads. :)

  3. Aw! What a great card Jody!!! I'm sure my 6 yr. old Jack would give me that "eye" if he had to wear something like that though! LOL!

  4. Lovely Jody. How on earth did you do that with his clothes? I can't even see you cut it out. His clothes look part of the rest of the paper! Fab!

  5. LOL well I think the outfit is adorable! Awesome brads!

  6. I think this is oh-so-sweet, Eagle Eye, but I'm afraid Nathan might get the shi# beat out of him if he wore this to school... ;) Love you, girlie!

  7. So totally cute!! Love the ribbon and brads!!


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