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Oct 15, 2010

What's in my mailbox?

Hi everyone!  This past couple weeks I have had a happy mailbox (and shopping cart)... and lots of new goodies to play with.  :)  I haven't done this for about a month, so here are all the goodies I have gotten recently.

A trip to a local(ish) scrap store, Pizazz, yielded me these goodies.  I LOVE the single zots dots.  They are PERFECT for making Rolled Flowers and Rolled Roses.  No fumbling with a roll of dots.  There is ONE dot on ONE liner, making it easy to work with.  Of course I am a hoarder stocker-upper, so I bought 2 of each since I was running low on both.  One does NOT want to run out of Zots dots.  Ever.  I also grabbed a pack of aged copper brads, because apparently the 10 packs I had was enough.  Funny thing is... that isn't even a joke.  LMAO  And last but NOT least is ONE yard of luxurious, imported from France, ruffled pink ribbon.  It is $3.89 a yard.  EEEK!  I was first introduced to this ribbon by Joanne, who sent me a nice stash of it in 2 or 3 colors.  I am out and was yearning for more.  YUM.  Ribbon... it's my drug of choice, ya know?

Right after that, I headed to Hobby Lobby, where I got my perfect-for-rolled-flower-making tool (quilling tool), a Slice spatula to use with my cricut, because I like that there is a point at the end instead of a rounded shape, and two boxes of small glue dots (which were 40% off).  Yes, I know I like Zots dots, BUT sometimes, when adhering lots of things in a row, it's easier to have them on a roll.  One must have MANY types of adhesives in order to make your crafting life easier.  I am all about easier.

This is a fun package of paper and matching ribbons that I got in the mail from Joanne for my birthday.  BTW, my birthday is in August, and I think I got this in late September.  Friends can gift friends late and it's ok.  Her birthday is coming up in 2 weeks, and I will likely be late in sending her something.  Why?  We're friends... it's what we do.  It's the thought that counts.  :)  Coincidentally, I used this Christmas paper to create my gift-giving organizer HERE.  

I got this order from TCP after their last release.  The Halloween set is super cute, and you saw the Sheepish stamp set on my card yesterday.  I also got 3 dies.

I hadn't shopped in quite a while, so I went kind of wild with patterned paper.  This is the two new packs of Alphabet Soup by My Mind's Eye.  I ordered it from .  It was my first time ordering from them, and I was very happy with the shipping time.  It was super quick and they had all the paper I wanted in stock. (yay)

From the same store, I got these two new Crate paper pads (6 X 6).

I also got these 3 Basic Grey pads.

And these 2, which I had already used before I got around to taking the picture.  Since I had already done "my thing", I decided to share my Copic process with you.  So, let's wander off on a tangent, shall we?  LOL

The first time I use a paper pad or pack, I always end up using it for several cards, but that means I have to find the Copic markers that match the paper.  You'll see I have done that for the Jovial Basic Grey pad below.

I grab my printed Copic color chart, and flip through the paper pad, matching up the paper to my Copic colors as I show below.

Once I find the matches, I scrawl them on the cover of the pad or paper pack like this: (btw the YG should be 63 and 67, not 63 and 97, that was an oopsie)

Then I grab all the colors out of my Copic marker holder and lay them to the right of my work space along with my skin tones and W's (which I use frequently).  That way, I am set up to use the paper pad several times for various patterns in the pad, until I get tired of it and start the process over with another patterned paper selection.  It's my system.  LOL

Tangent over.

Now for the last goodie in my shopping cart this week... I got a Cinch.  YAY.  I love it.  I plan to write a comprehensive review on it VS the Bind it all and will do that as soon as I get time, which I am forever short on.  :) 
That's it for now!  I am waiting on a MONSTER order from MFT that I can share soon.  :)  So that's it for my mailbox.  A glance into my crazy-for-crafting brain.  :)  See you soon!


  1. Wow, lots of awesome goodies Jody! Love the french ruffle ribbon, so pretty! The papers... WOW, the papers! And OMG you got a CINCH, you will LOVE it!!! :-) TFS. G'nite!

  2. Awesome! Love that you write the colours on the cover - such a great Jody idea!! But inquiring (read: nosy) minds need to know what the symbols mean in the corners of your copic chart!

  3. oooo, Jody! you lucky duck!
    That Cinch looks like a tool that would enjoy my craft room. I can't wait for your review.

    Thanks for the look into your crafting brain. You shared some useful tips about picking your Copic colors. Good idea!

    I love your newsy posts!
    thanks muchly,

  4. Stop it! You are making me jealous!Lucky girl!

  5. HOLY CRAP JODY!!!!! Did ya hit the LOTTERY??? That ribbon is GORGEOUS but OMG! WILL YOU USE IT??? You ONLY got ONE YARD... that isn't enough to use AND keep FOREVER!!!! LMAO

    You are gonna have FUN FUN FUN.... ENJOY...

    I'm still waiting onmy MFT order too!!! **boo**


  6. I love these posts from you!! So many fun goodies!! I LOVE your system of matching Copics!!! Have a great weekend!

  7. Well I'm exhausted just reading about all these goodies - not to mention drooling all over my keyboard. Thx for sharing your treasures with us.

  8. LUCKY girl! Fabulous finds for sure!

  9. Another great organizing tip! Color coordinating paired with a scrapbooking purpose AND copics!?! Stop! One day, I will begin my Copics collection.... Thanks for the post!

  10. What fun stuff!!! I love your system for matching up Copics...just brilliant I tell ya!!!

    I just got the Cinch as well...LOVE it and I'm sure you'll have a blast with it as well. Have a great week...hugs!

  11. Love your tip with the copics and the paper matches. Brilliant as always.

    So, how about it we pretend that I wanted your present to be late on purpose so it could be an EXTRA surprise....

    I'm SO lame!

    Love your post, so much eye candy!

  12. What fun goodies and love the dp... Cool system for matching up Copics, gotta do that :o)


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