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Jul 25, 2016

Top 10 for My Favorite Things

Hello all! Today the MFT Design Team is celebrating the 10th birthday of My Favorite Things. It is an exciting time around here and we were challenged to post our top 10 favorite projects. I have been on the design team for 8 years, so I took a trip down memory lane as I perused my previous blog posts! My, how time flies. :) I had a lot of fun going back in time and finding 10 projects to share with you today. Keep in mind that my style, photography, and photo editing have evolved over the years. LOL

PS: Keep in mind, some of these stamp sets and Die-namics are retired now. You can see what is current by visiting the inlinkz supply lists at the bottom of this post for each project.


First up is the oldest card I am including in my top 10. I chose it because it is one of my favorite cards EVER that I have made during my tenure with MFT. I had an idea in my head to make the character actually swing and I made it happen with this card. I created a tree (I cut it by hand - gasp), and topped it with no fewer than a zillion leaf punches to make a full tree top. It includes a cute fence and some cloud patterned paper, and of course REAL stitching. The little PI swings back and forth on a slider mechanism I created. This one brings back a lot of happy memories. :)


Up next is this toast creation. I LOVED making this one. It is Liquid Appliqué that has been airbrushed with a Copic marker to toast it to perfection, laid over a glitzy flame. *swoon*


This card made me coo like a 6 month old when I made it. LOL I took a super cute boutique window and spooked it up with a Halloween theme, complete with gauze, a bat, and nailed-in wooden planks. OMG I STILL love this card! 


Ahhhh, this pretty flamingo! I pretty much thought I was a genius when I thought to google a picture of a flamingo at sunset and then went on to recreate it with Die-namics, sponging, and masking paper. This was a FUN one!


This was one of those lightbulb moments! I took some ADORABLE animals and turned them in puppets, complete with a puppet show box, built from scratch using Die-namics of course! This one still makes me squeal... pun intended.


Oh  my, this is when I went to Michaels and found some cool weathered medium from Martha Stewart that I HAD to try on this cool barn! OMG it was so much fun to use 2 different colors of paint and see that effect happen after using the weathered medium on it. Just pure visual satisfaction. :)


Oh zipper, how I loved thee. This product is one of all my all-time faves. Having 3 kids, I have bought my fair share of hoodies, and this was an attempt at replicating one my daughter's sweatshirts. It was SO much fun. YAY


These sweet peeps just do it for me. Seriously. Look at all of them in there looking all adorable. I also used crackle paint on this one, which adds a fun little flair to it. This one is just sweet and makes my heart fluffy.


This card was a labor of love. I recall using no fewer than 6 stamp sets to create this bad boy. I thought it was clever to do a literal take on the sentiment: You Captured My Heart. I still do, really. LOL This is one of those cards that just sticks out in my memory.


I remember making this card like it was yesterday and I remember how much I LOVED it. It was probably an inch thick with all the felt, foam tape, and layers of vines, but MAN did that card make my heart happy. LOL It was a paper crafting adventure that I thoroughly enjoyed!

Thank you for taking a stroll down memory lane with me. Please go check out the MFT blog to see what the rest of the designers dug up from their blogs. It is SURE to be fun (and entertaining).



  1. All fabulous and have caused me throughout the years to spend a lot of money at MFT. So fun to reminisce...

  2. WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!! These cards are absolutely brilliant!! And it looks like you put a lot of time and thought into their design Jody!!! Absolutely amazing!!!! They're all faves!! ☺ Keep inspiring us!!! ☺

  3. Oh Jody! I can't stop staring at that tree on the first card! All of your cards have so much detail and texture. Mini masterpieces!

  4. Loved the trip down memory lane! I have obviously been following you a long time as I remember a number of them! Great to hear your thoughts behind your creations. I don't often have time to write, but I look forward to your posts as they appear in my inbox! Thank you for many many great pieces of inspiration! :)

  5. Love seeing all these cards - I remember most of them and had a lot of fun making some of them in your classes and even one from the first retreat.

  6. Love seeing all these cards - I remember most of them and had a lot of fun making some of them in your classes and even one from the first retreat.

  7. Great cards, Jody! so many are the ones we made in class! Your girl on the swing card is darling! I can't believe you figured out how to make her swing...very cool!!

  8. Such a fun trip down memory lane! A lot of your faves you picked were faves of mine too! Oh, so many details make these all gorgeous "Jody cards". The zillion leaves and the precursor to today's sliders in that first card are special! Enjoyed them all.

  9. It was so great to see your favorites all lined up and to also read your comments in each of them! You've really made some amazing cards!

  10. I remember that tree card; I wondered how you did it, the full tree, the swinging swing. And the card with the vines was one of my favorites too. I purchased that die based on that card, I think I'll use it for tomorrow's card. Thanks for the reminder.


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