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Sep 25, 2006

Is there such a thing as too many bags of stamp stuff?

Take a look at this ridiculous sight and I think you'll agree the answer is YES! My goodness! I was sitting here thinking of what I could write about and thought about "confessing" my purchases of the day. Of course... I stayed in my pajamas all day, so there was no shopping done today. AHHHHH, then it came to me... I would just retroactively confess. Why you ask? I figure if I still have the stuff sitting in the bags, why not. LOL I am thinking I need to take a shopping break and USE this stuff! I haven't stamped since last weeks sketch challenge! UGH! So I am being brave today and am showing you MESSY MESSY pics of my stamp room. I am entering into evidence several bags from shopping trips last week.
The top left picture is taken from the doorway of my stamp room. Those are bags I have thrown in my room this past week. There has been no stamping. Only shopping this week. There are bottles of Primas, a couple stamps, some paint cans, a metal bucket, and hmmmm I am looking at that picture and I have NO CLUE what is in the Hobby Lobby bag... OH YA, it is 4 boxes of glue lines, some sticky strip and some cool metal D rings and ribbon (of course). The huge Big Lots bag has a bunch of boxes of cookies. (see pic) I had to buy all they had since I have the Bug and Kisses set. Why did that mean I needed all those cookies? WELL, I am going to make something cute with it, I am just not sure what that cute thing is just yet. LOL I also bought some cute candy from Big Lots to make a super cute project, but I am not telling until I make it and can post it here. Here are those crazy cookies I just had to have! :) Aren't they SO cute! Do you see my vision? LOL Seeing all this cute stuff sitting on my floor is definitely putting me in the mood to stamp!


  1. No, I don't actually think there is such a thing as too many bags of stamp stuff. Looks minimal to me. In fact I believe I have seen you live, in action, and this is just a drop in the bucket. LOL.What? No arm fulls of ribbon? Tsk, tsk>>>Love ya

  2. I was so tickled to see the picture of all you bags! My stamp room looks exactly the same! Our house was broken into last month and all my jewelry, tvs,computer, blank checks and husband's gun were stolen...but they must have been too overwhelmed by my stampin room and didn't even go inside. SO there isn't such a thing as toom many bags of stamp stuff. Just hide your valuables in there too!


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