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Sep 22, 2006

My first REAL confession...

Well, I did say I would be confessing right? Hubby and I went out for a lovely dinner sans kids. As dinner was wrapping up I casually mentioned that I would like to run by Walmart for some ribbon browsing. Knowing there is no such thing as no, he agreed. As he was in the MANLY electronics department I oohed and ahhed over some GREAT new ribbon! I found the CUTEST baby rick rack! It is ONLY $1.08 per 4 yard card and came in 8 colors (notice I bought one of each!). Then, I found the great amethyst colored baby rick rack in a different area and of course had to grab one of those. THEN I stumbled upon the cutest little Offray MicroSpools of pink and black gingham, brown and off white gingham and the cutest black felt rick rack. I am in ribbon heaven tonight. Ahhhhh, ribbon... my drug of choice!


  1. Ohhh my Wally has this ribbon too. I am out of storage so I am refraining from buying until I really need it for something specific. Its cute.

  2. Jody you need a ribbon storehouse. I am in awe of your ribbon buying prowess. Now my DH doesn't think I have too much. So thanks!

  3. Jody, I saw silver baby ric rac at mine -- should I pick some up for you? I think you got all the other ones that my store has . . . *wink*

  4. Oh my God, you have me in stiches LOL


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