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Nov 9, 2006

4 more spots

I have already filled 2 full groups. I am only accepting 4 more players for my ribbon share. It takes a HUGE amount of time to cut the ribbon. :) The next four people to sign up will be included in this share.

I will be taking names and addresses for the next ribbon share which will not happen until 2007.

Thanks to everyone who signed up! Please mail or paypal your payments promptly so I can order as soon as possible. I will not order until payments have been received.

Have a GREAT RIBBONY day! :) As for me... I need to ORGANIZE today so I can actually stamp something. LOL


  1. Jodi pls include me, since you will be at SST this Sat can i take you the cash...

    You are the most amazing person I know...your projects are awesome!!!

    thanks for all you do!!!
    Susan Beltran
    471-7541 cell.... :)

  2. Please include me in ribbon swap. If you'll send address, I get chekc in mail.

    Sue D

  3. Sue, you need to e-mail me at so I can send you my address. :) Thanks

  4. Is your ribbon swap full yet? If not I would love to play.....let me know!


  5. can I join too? is it too late?
    thanks Janet

  6. Jodi... would you be able to tell me where you get your ribbon and what's involved in this exchange? Sounds like something I might be interested in hosting here in Canada!


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