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Nov 5, 2006

All Tied Up!!!

I WANTED to stamp this weekend. I even have a couple REALLY cute ideas floating around in my head. BUT... UPS had different plans for me this weekend. :) I hosted a GINORMOUS ribbon share with 19 other ribbon addicted ladies. I placed an order for 100 yard spools of 1/4 inch grosgrain. UPS delivered it to my door on Friday evening. For 2 days now I have been cutting, wrapping and sorting. So, instead of sharing my ideas with you this weekend all I have are these pictures of ribbon.

I will be hosting another ribbon share in the next couple months sometime. Please let me know if you are interested by posting a comment. It will be $45 including shipping back to you and you will get 10 yards each of 30 different colors of ribbon for a total of 300 yards.

These are the boxes all lined up that I am sorting the ribbon into as I cut and wrap it.

Here is my friend, Tracy who came over to help me yesterday and today. Doesn't she looked thrilled? LMBO!

Here is a pic of some of the ENORMOUS 100 yard spools of ribbon laying on the floor awaiting their fate of being chopped into smaller pieces. LOL

This is the different piles of ribbon waiting to be wrapped and sorted into boxes.

Here is a peek INSIDE the boxes. Look at all that ribbon. YUM YUM! :)


  1. OMG!!!
    Girlfriend we all owe you BIG TIME!!
    There will be some chocolate coming in your mail box soon!! What is your fave treat?

  2. Yum is right!!! You are such a supah cool ribbon diva!!!

  3. Holy mackeral!!!!!!Thats a big job Jody! Tracy looks less than thrilled LOL. I love seeing all that ribbon in there!

  4. OMG!! I"m so excited!!
    And Tracy let you take her picture??? LOL! You girls are awesome!

  5. Holy ribbon....I didnt get in on this one but am interested in the next round.


  6. wowo, I am now sad I did not get in on that swap.

  7. Holy ribbons Batman!! I bet you're just exhausted! And Tracy looks so thrilled......LOL

  8. I bet you have really, really sore fingers, but we love ya for it! Thanks Jody!!!!!!

  9. i would love to join when you buy next time ribbon!!!
    too bad i missed this one.

    is it su ribbon? the spools almost look like it.

  10. Please count me in on your next swap. I love your blog, very inspiring. Thanks

  11. Wow! This looks awesome! I'd be very interested in joining in.

  12. Love your blog and I would definitely be "in" for the ribbon buy-in!

  13. whoa - what a weekend! I would be interested in being included in your next ribbon swap. Email me @

  14. My goodness that's a lot of ribbon! How fun - can I play next time? Let me know if I can and details how to pay!
    I love your blog - thanks for sharing


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