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Dec 18, 2006

Mass production...

I am not a big fan of mass producing cards or other stamped goodies, but sometimes it is necessary. :) I am attempting to get ready for Christmas and I wanted to have "ready to give" gifts ready. I reproduced an earlier project I made. I changed a few small things, but in effect it is the same project. I am a bit annoyed that I am OUT of my satiny chocolate polka dot ribbon. It REALLY is a travesty. How in the world can I be OUT? Those of you who know me understand. I don't have "just one" of anything. I am a stocker-upper. LOL It's not even on sale this week, so I guess I will have to wait. *sigh* I subbed the dark brown gingham for the polka dot ribbon on half of them. Each of these hot cocoa packets uses almost 2 full yards of American Crafts ribbon. YIKES! :)
Until we meet again, gorgeous satiny polka dot ribbon...


  1. How cute and appropriate for anyone! Think of all the other drink mix things you could sub into here too!

  2. Jody these are adorable as always. I am *shocked* you ran out of your favorite ribbon. Totally can't believe it!!!! It will go on sale again just wait a couple weeks!Take deep breaths and find a new favorite!

  3. Oh, these are adorable and well worth the work. We'd better start praying there is not a shortage of chocolate polka dot ribbon on sale otherwise you will be having palpitations! :)

  4. Love these! I also cannot believe you ran out of the ribbon! Are you doing ok??? ;) Do we need to send out search parties? They look fabulous either way, btw!

  5. Awesome Idea!

  6. jody - i love these! I loved them when I first saw them a week or so ago. I tried my hand at them, changing them up a bit of course b/c I had to make so many! I posted one on my blog (of course giving kudos to you for the grand idea!) thanks girl for the inspiration! :)

  7. Wow, you really must love these people to use that much ribbon. :)

    I am almost ashamed that you are out of chocolate polka dot ribbon. What are you thinking?

    Maybe Santa will bring you some.


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