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Dec 19, 2006

"Pine cone" Tree

I discovered pine cone balls last year in a non-stamping magazine. I made a TON of them and sent one with the directions to Amanda Sewell last year. She revived the pine cone balls this year and started a craze on SCS. :)
I decided I would try something new this year... pine cone tree. Truth be told I am not thrilled with the results. There are flaws and after spending hours making it, I was quite disappointed. I showed it to my hubby and told him I had spent a long time making it and that I felt I had wasted my time. He assured me *someone* would like it, so I am posting it anyway. :)
I started with a cone shaped foam piece. Then, I cut 1 X 2 pieces of Basic Grey patterned paper and folded them into triangles (fold in each side to meet in the middle.) Then, triangles are pinned on in an off-set fashion all the way to the top. I finished it off with a 1 inch circle on top, topped with bow that is adorned with a gem brad. Then, I pierced each dark blue triangle and inserted a silver brad in it. I repeated that step to stud the bottom of the tree.
This will be used as a table topper. :)
I hope you all are ready for Christmas.
pine cone ball directions can be found on Amanda's blog:


  1. This is cool! Did you see my wreath? I think that worked out well. Also, have you seen the cone trees that someone did on SCS where they used paper cut at the edge (like a fray) and then layers and layers of that . . . um, one second . . .

    Kay, here is the link to the picture of what I am attempting to (and failing at) describing:
    Have you seen those????

  2. I love the colors and like the design--it would be fun to find a silver star ornament for the top to balance it.

    Thanks for the instructions.

  3. Well I think its very cute! You are wayyyy too hard on yourself! I like it. BTW, whats a "EH" project?

  4. I think it turned out great everything you touch it turns out beauitful!! I think some kind of mini tree topper would look cute on top of it!

  5. Gorgeous! Who wouldn't love to have that on their table for Christmas dinner? ;)

  6. Jody it is fab... i love is hard to keep up with all your great projects.


  7. What a beautiful creation, just like the pinecone balls that you did! These are fabulous and will probably be the next hot item!!!!!

  8. you are insane! (in a good way!) this is gorgeous with a capital G!!!

  9. Too cute Jody!! Bet it was a LOT of work too..

  10. Your tree is adorable! I love the colors.

  11. I think it is beautiful Jody!
    You did an awesome job!


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