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Feb 26, 2007

Adventures at the Post Office

Oh my goodness! Look at all those boxes! LOL
ALL of the solid, striped and lollipop shares are now shipped! All US packages were sent via priority mail. All international packages were sent air mail. Watch for your boxes soon! The picture above is my car stuffed with boxes. I have a small car and it took me 2 trips. LOL Correction... it took my hubby 2 trips. I stayed at the post office and he went back home for the 2nd load. When he got back the clerk was still working on the 1st load so I didn't even have to get out of line. Thankfully he was home to help!
The polka dot ribbon share is filling up fast! If you'd like to get it on that, check out the post below. :)
Have a great day!
I am off to pick up my NEW glasses! I have been without for several months since mine broke in half. I mourned the loss because I REALLY loved my glasses. LOL I finally found a similar pair and ordered them last week. Now I will have a choice between contacts and glasses and I couldn't be more excited! *ah simple pleasures*


  1. What a great guy to go get the 2nd batch. I laughed when I saw the pic of your car...too funny!

  2. Holy Mackeral! LMBO now that is a load!


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