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Feb 6, 2007

more Primas went postal!

I think maybe the employees at my local USPS may go postal! LOL Or... maybe the customers in line behind me may go postal. LOL At any rate, these 18 packages full of Primas went postal today! I worked all day to get the Primas sorted and was able to sweet talk my mother in to taking me to the post office this afternoon. This shipment contained 5 Prima Lovers packages, 1 daisies package and 12 Essentials packages. I still have one shipment to receive this week and then one more order to place and receive sometime soon.


  1. stalkin' my mail man for daisies.....Thanks for doing this!!!

  2. Jody,
    I received my primas! Thank you! They are so pretty! I am going to use them today along with my ribbon I got from you. You are a generous soul to take all of this on. Thank You!


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