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Feb 8, 2007

Prima News

I received another shipment of Prima flowers last night. That was the last of the orders that have already been placed. I started working on them immediately and am almost done. I will be shipping out lots of packages tomorrow. you can see how many shares I have boxed up already in the photo.

I placed the final Prima order this afternoon. The Prima share is now CLOSED! I will have a couple spots open still, but will post those once I have filled all orders received thus far. The last shipment of flowers will ship out to me in approx 1 week, so I should have them within 2 weeks and at that time I will ship all remaining shares. I received news when I ordered today that the daisies are on back order and will be for at least 4 weeks. This situation will affect only 12 of the Prima share participants. I will be in contact with you later today to give you some options. IF I do not contact you, your order is/will be complete.
Thanks to everyone who joined the Prima share! I will be doing this again in March or April, so watch my blog for more details on that. It will be different, I can tell you that much. LOL
Have a wonderful day! :)

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