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Mar 24, 2007

More updates!

I am happy to have lots of exciting updates for you all today!

  • All March solid grosgrain and striped ribbon shipped yesterday. This is the share I am referring to: I have 2 shares of stripes available if anyone is interested. I have them ready to go right now. E-mail me at if you'd like to take one of the shares. The cost is $17.50 shipped.
  • I shipped out the first round of May Arts ribbon already. The remainder of the ribbon is on it's way to me. I have several shipments coming and I think they will all be here next week. I will cut and sort as I get it and mail them out asap. I KNOW you're ready for it! :) The share is still open. Here are the details: . May Arts has notified me that one color of the velevet ric rac is on backorder (green). If you are willing to accept a substitution of 5 yards of another type of ribbon, please e-mail me. I can hold the orders, but I prefer to not make you wait. SO... if you are willing to take something else instead of green ric rac, let me know.
  • I have been asked about my next share. I am already in the planning stages. :) YAY I will post the details in the beginning of April. The next share will be from May Arts again and you can look forward to: sheer organdy polka dot ribbon, gingham ribbon, 1/4 and 1/8 inch ric rac, double stitched ribbon, and square stitched ribbon. *drool drool* I ordered a sample of each so you can look forward to some PRETTY PRETTY pictures when I post the share. YUM!
  • All Prima flowers are on their way to me. They should also arrive next week. As soon as they come in, I will sort them quickly and send them out. The payment deadline for the Prima shares has come and gone. I will be e-mailing those who have not send payment with one final chance to pay. Then, I will open up those open shares again this coming week.
  • Polka dot share: I am waiting on ONE color! I have e-mailed them almost daily and am waiting on a response. I am ready to get these boxes out. The rest of the 19 colors are cut, sorted and boxes already. As SOON as I get the last color, they will go postal. :)


  1. Jody, the new ribbon shares for APRIL sound wonderful, can't wait to see them!

  2. Jody, if someone doesn't pay and a share opens up..let me know..I don't totally remember you catagories, but I know I was interested in two of them. I'm hoping someone else is a loser!!!

  3. oh april sounds nice... I can't wait to get my ribbon shares...


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