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Mar 24, 2007

My Sweet Daughter!

My daughter, Bailey (9) LOVES to stamp. She is excited when my table is cleaned off enough that she can actually sit at my stamp table with me. Last week, I was stamping and she came in and sighed. When I looked over and asked her what was wrong, she said, "I wish I could stamp." I told her to come in and have a seat. She knows where the paper is she can use (my extensive scrap boxes) and how to choose stamp sets and ink pads. She went to work immediately picking out this great color combo of Regal Rose, Pretty in Pink and Shimmery Copper. :) She asked me not to look as she was working, which truth be told wasn't hard since I didn't have my glasses on. LOL When she was done she presented me with my gift. Needless to say I cried (my friends will not be surprised) LOL. I thought it was SO sweet. It reads:

You are the Best MOM!!!

I would wather (rather) be with you than any other place

I would never have a broken heart with you

Love you mom

Awwwwwww, it makes me tear up reading it again. It is just so amazing how these little people we call children love us so much even after we make them clean their rooms. LOL I thought I would share this sweet stamped piece with you. I am indeed, a proud Mommy! :)

She will probably read this. She has a knack for searching and finding my blog and gallery. She is SO funny when she gets on the computer. She actually likes to browse the gallery at . She goes to the gallery and searches my name, finds my gallery and looks at all the cards I have made. LOL She also knows how to scroll through today's additions. Once, she was on their computer and I had apparently been on there and was signed in under my SCS name. She actually commented on a card! What did she say? FAB CARD! LMBO! Silly girl! Now, I make sure I am signed off just in case. LOL


  1. Ahhhhhh what a sweet story! Thank you for sharing it! Adorable card and what a blessing!

  2. I'm tearing up too! What a really beautiful story, it is those times with your child that you treasure!

  3. OMGoodness, I'd be bawling, too, Jody! Bailey is precious!

  4. How cute is that! And what a great mom she has to love! I can see why she wants to be with you and stamp!

    Great card Bailey!

  5. Jody I am so glad u posted her card, I was dying to see it. She did a wonderful job and I luv her sentiment... we r blessed to have such terrific kiddos.

    Bailey YOU ROCK!!!

  6. So very sweet! Great card Bailey!

  7. What a special gift!!! And how sweet. I can understand why you would be a proud momma!! Not to mention she STAMPS too *lol*. Tell Bailey she is a wonderful stamper from us!!!

  8. What a doll. Bailey is darling. I finally got my 1st granddaughter last October & I am going to get her hooked on stamping with me. TFS

  9. Awwwww!!! I'd have cried too Jody! What a sweet thing for her to do! And she is just beautiful!

  10. How awesome! I love the card! Jody you are so lucky to have such a sweet daughter and Bailey, You ROCK!

  11. I just got my solid grosgrain ribbon. Now I know why you're an addict! I want more. :) It's all so pretty. Thanks!

  12. Jody, this is SO sweet! I have 2 girls and I know how they can tug at your heart strings!!


  13. that is soo sweet! Bailey you are a FAB stamper!! :)


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