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Apr 2, 2007

Essentials 2 Prima share

This share is CLOSED. It will be offered again later this month.

Have you seen the beautiful NEW Prima Essentials 2? I LOVE them. :) These boxes are packed with all different shapes, sizes and colors of flowers. I have some of these on hand to do a quick turnaround share. I have 10 spots open (with flowers IN hand), but can take additional sign ups and then place an order for more if necessary. If you join quickly enough to grab one of the first 10 spots, your flowers will ship out within 24 hours. If an additional order needs to be placed, shipping time will depend on the manufacturer's ship time to me. :)

NOTE: The 10 spots that I had on hand are now gone. If you would like to sign up, the Primas will be ordered as necessary and shipped out to participants as I get them. :) Thanks!


OPTION 1 (half share)

  • All 4 varieties! You will receive half of each box. This is like having 2 full boxes of Prima Flowers! They will be bagged separately for each box. You will get 4 bags of different colored Prima Flowers!
  • Cost: $15 plus $4.25 shipping ($19.25)
  • If you would like me to add 2 empty boxes, please specify (no additional charge)

OPTION 2 (full share)

  • All 4 varieties! You will receive 4 full boxes.
  • Cost: $28 plus $4.25 shipping ($32.25)

Ready to jump in? Send total amount and DETAILED note about exactly what you are ordering to my paypal If you do not know how to use paypal, let me know and I will send you an invoice. :)

Deadline will be April 15th for sign ups. Payment must be received by April 15th also (paypal or check). If you would like to pay by check or money order please contact me at with the details. I will hold your spot for the share and send you my mailing address.

As always, I will keep you updated throughout the process on my blog. Shipping time may vary based on shipment from manufacturer, but I will move quickly once I have received the products to lessen your wait time. Thanks in advance to anyone joining! If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at the address listed above. Thank you and happy FLOWERS!

I will be doing another Prima share late in April with more new types of flowers! Watch for the upcoming May Arts share details that are soon to be released! YAY


  1. Jody!!

    My PolkaGros arrived today!! OMG'dness they are awesome - THANK U, for all your efforts!!

    I am considering the Primas...that would be totally new for me, never have used them yet.

    Love the bloggin'. CIAO
    ~Sabrina 8c)

  2. Jody, YOU ROCK!!! I can't believe your fingers are still able to type after all the ribbon and primas you cut and package for us! I can't wait to jump on one of your ribbon shares soon! Thanks so much for making all these wonderful products available to us:)
    Dawn C.

  3. I wished I live close to you. I would love to come over and chat and cut. It would be a great time. I'd get to see and touch all the products and next time I could place my own order.
    Your putting in so much work = THANKS


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