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Apr 3, 2007

Shipment updates

HI all! Just a few quick updates for you!

March Prima Share:

All shares that had ONLY Essentials and/or Got Flowers in them have been SHIPPED! They went out yesterday morning via priority mail. YAY! The Prima lovers and Daisy Crazy shares are waiting on 1/2 the daisies. I have been working to get all the flowers sorted that I have, so that when they daisies come in, they will be ready to go. I am expecting them to ship out to me no later than Friday, so they should be here by next week sometime. *fingers crossed*

March May Arts share:

The majority of this share has been shipped (another batch went out yesterday morning). I am waiting for one more shipment in the next couple of days to complete the paid spots I have now. There are a few participants I am waiting on payment from. If your name is on this list and you HAVE paid, please contact me with your payment info. If you have joined in the last couple days I realize it has not been enough time to receive payment. You can disregard. :) Thanks. :)

Kirsten Gonzalez
Darla Rowan
Kelly Lane
Carol Hager
Alison Copes
Shannon Black
Sandra Lew-Moll (friend) check mailed
Jill Jones

NEW April May Arts share will posted TODAY! I am finalizing the details and working on the pictures. :) Stay tuned :)

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