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May 1, 2007

Blog Candy Winners

confessing my ribbon addicition: tower of ribbon share ribbon
more confessing! What??????? I told you I love ribbon! :)

OH MY! This was HARD! I read all your responses and want to send you ALL blog candy, but I had to choose just a few winners! Thanks to everyone who commented! I enjoyed reading all your responses!

I figured I should now let YOU delve into my addicted, ribbon loving head. Here are MY answers to the questions.

1. Why do you love ribbon? HELLO!?!?!? WHAT is NOT to love? It is just so pretty! Ribbon makes me happy. Ribbon on sale gives me a high! Literally! My friends call it "ribbon crack". I am a ribbon addict in true form. I LOVE it. I tie it on cards, scrapbook pages (on the rare occasion that I make one), gifts, hair and anything else that is a helpless victim. If it is still, smaller than me and non-threatening, I WILL tie ribbon on it!

2. Why do you love Prima flowers? They are just so cute! I am a flower person. I own a TON of flower stamps and the love of Prima flowers is an extension of that love (obsession). I like to line them up on my shelves. I like to look at them. I like to alter the containers once they are gone. YES, I DO use them! *shocker* I do have Prima rules though. LOL Prima flowers may not be used on cards with flower stamps unless the flower stamp looks VERY close to the Prima flower. It just doesn't work in my brain. LOL Also, naked Prima flowers are not allowed. You must adorn them in the center with something. Brads, eyelets, stickles, glitter, buttons... add anything you want, but add something!

3. What do you do with your ribbon and flowers? I use them! As often as possible! I am being over-run by ribbon and Primas. I need to get them out of my house. Not TOO quickly, but seriously... I have enough that I can use them and still maintain my lifetime supply. I don't even panic if I use 2 Primas on one card. It's ok. I have more. I put ribbon on everything. I have enough for a lifetime, PLUS I will "will" them to my 2 daughters and THEY will have a lifetime supply.

4. How do you store your ribbon and Primas? For my ribbon, I have some Cropper Hopper drawers and cards. I wrap my "share" ribbon around those. When I ran out of drawers and cards I decided to buy some 8 1/2 X 11 plastic drawers and put my share bundles in that. I have one type per drawer and sometimes multiple drawers per type (get it? LOL). I also have 2, 4 drawer carts full of spools plus a few drawers that house bobbin spools and American Crafts tiny spools. My Primas are sitting on a shelf. They are too crowded. I need another shelf, but I have no more room, so they will just have to deal with the standing room only conditions. That's life in my stamp room. They should be glad that they have a home and plenty of friends to talk to! :)

5. How much ribbon/flowers do you have? YIKES... why did I ask this question? Well... I have 91 packages of primas. Some are bottles, some are plastic containers and some are BRAS. LOL But, I am under 100! *pats self on back* I thought it would be more. Of course ribbon is my TRUE passion. I don't have the time or guts to count my ribbon. I have drawers upon drawers full of ribbon. I posted pics to show you. The tower in the 3rd picture is 8 1/2 X 11 drawers. They are full of ribbon of all kinds. Mostly from my own shares. The tower on the bottom picture is actually 2, 4 drawer carts. They are full of spools of ribbon. I don't know how much is in there, but it's safe to say it's a bunch! LOL You can use the pictures in any way you'd like. I'd suggest if your hubby complains about your supplies he take a look at mine. LOL In my defense, my hubby does know how much I have. He walks in my stamp room and pilfers tape and paper clips. He sees the towers of ribbon. He DOES think I am a little crazy, but he "gets it". It's what I like and he accepts it and enables me in every way possible including going IN stamp and craft stores occasionally to push the cart as I foam at the mouth in the ribbon aisle. I love that man! LOL

Now on to the winners! I hope you all enjoy reading their responses as much as I did! Thanks for the laughs ladies! If your name is listed, please e-mail me at with your address.

Box of Essentials: Sandra Lew-Moll

Sandra L-M said...
Congratulations! I like ribbon because is inexpensive and "easy" to put in a card. I also like to use it in scrapbooking. I didn't quite like Primas (didn't know what to do with them) until I got a share from this site. Now I like the 3-D look of my cards. I store my ribbon and primas in Sterilite CD containers. I made my own ribbon holders using very light chipboard (from SU! scrappin' kits) and a 1/2 inch circle punch. Hope I win! Sandra Lew-Moll

why? She is a Prima convert and must be rewarded!

Pillowbox Primas: Lois Michael

Lois Michael said...
I love Ribbons because 1) You made me addicted to it and 2) I love to accent cards & projects with it. I love Primas for the same reasons! I use ribbon on the spiral bindings, handles, trim on cans, cards. Prismas, I have run through the cuttlebug for texture, used a pencil eraser to put POLKA-DOTS (which I love)on the petals. Thought about using as pasties for my DH. LOL I store my ribbon in a large wire rack that is getting really full. I usually take chipboard & put coordinating colors on it. I also have about 10 of each size of SU ribbon holders that are full. I have a boatload but can't resist I want more. Thanks for all the enabling!

why? She thought of using Primas as pasties for her husband? Now THAT is funny and creative! I love creativity! LOL Plus, the "pillow" and the pasties kinda go together right? *wink wink*

Making Memories ribbon: Amy

Amy said...
Mulberry Blossoms-------------------------

Desktop garden tilled
Fields for planting, harvesting
Mulberry blossoms

Prima Travel, Inc.-----------------------
Daily vacations:
The gardens of Giverny,
Caribbean isles…

May Day-----------
Wrapping and weaving
Cocoons of satin ribbon
Oh, to be the pole

On Finding Ribbon in the Hallway----------------------------------------------
Neatly spooled ribbon
A spectrum aligned. Then cat.
Unraveled chaos

This was fun! Thanks!!!

why? I am intrigued and CONFUSED! LOL Please explain for the poor girl who doesn't "get it" LOL

May Arts ribbon: Each winner will get 3 yards from each of the 3 spools of square stitched ribbon

Tami Morkan-she was 1st. There should be a prize for that LOL

Tami M. said...
Woo Hoo, I think I'm the first one to respond!!Here's my answers:why you love ribbon: I think it's the easiest bellie to use on a card, scrapbook page or 3D item. Depending on the ribbon you select, you can change the whole look of your project. why you love Prima flowers: Who doesn't love flowers?? With such a large selection, you're sure to find a favorite! Adds dimension. what you do with your ribbon and flowers: Basically Hoard them!how you store your ribbon and flowers: Flowers are stored in mason jars and sorted according to color. Ribbon is stored in the Cropper Hopper drawers, although I'm thining of using clothespins and big glass jars from Ikea- I just love the way my Primas look on top of my desk!how much ribbon and/or flowers you have: Do you honestly expect me to answer this??? How about "Never Enough???"

Alanna Hillis-she thought she had enough ribbon to make a road to my house. Just in case she tries, I want her to have enough to make it so we can stamp together.

Stamping on The Farm said...
Ribbon and why do I love it well. it is just so darn pretty and the cards look fabolous when you add a touch of for prima's they are just so cute and add just the right spice of life to a ribbon is stored in jars and small clear plastic container and on a rack over the back of closet door, and in the ribbon holders from stamping up, and some is laying of a shelf waiting for me to decide to use it or put it away and some is still in the box that I got yersterday from this site...need I go for how much Ribbon do I actually own.....well I live in Manitoba Canada and I am sure that if I put all of my ribbon together and laid it straight out, I would probably be at Jody's home....I am a horder and find it hard to use my ribbon cause I may not get the same kind again...I know silly prima's are stored in small jars that I got at the Dollarama Store...I think that they were spice jars and they were 3/1.00 so anywho I have all my flowers in them and they are on a shelf in front of me so that I can see them, the colors in each of the jars have inspired me many times this past month to create cards with pizzaz.....thanks Jody for doing this for us each and every month....I truly appreciate it, I could not afford to buy myself all of these little extra's if in fact I was having to do it at my LSS......HEY when are you starting the Lingerie Party......"wink" Alanna

Suzy: ribbon and shoes? I'll take ribbon any day! It sounds like Suzy would too! My kind of girl! LOL

Suzy said...
why you love ribbon Ok follow along with me here! Ribbon is the card equivalent of shoes, and May Arts are Jimmy Choos and I am Carrie from Sex in the City - cash poor but my card closet is full of gorgeousness! why you love Prima flowersFlowers are the ultimate accessory for a card, mood lifter and general joy promoter! They add cheer, dimension, ah flowers are love.what you do with your ribbon and flowersAfter removing them from my person? I love to frame my stamped image with tiny flowers, and accent the corners with large flowers. I am really into using Distress ink and metals on the flowers these days - I have even put tiny stamp patterns on you store your ribbon and flowersI am still new to the craft so do not have a lot of spools, my ribbon and flowers are mostly loose. I buy decorative jars and vases from the dollar store and fill them up with swirls of ribbon. It looks so pretty and inspiring on my desk. how much ribbon and/or flowers you haveI order 3-5 yards of each kind from various eBay stores and Splitcoasters generally, and probably have 100 different kinds now. Wow I only had about 10 two months ago. Oops?I started out with the Itty Bitty Prima bag and am now up to specific styles and different textures, papers, silks, color schemes. Oh my. Lots! Man you are making me feel guilty!

Aimee-she is training a 3 year old to be a future ribbon addict. She needs more ammo!

Aimee said...
why you love ribbon? There is so much you can do with it. And My last Ribbon share got here and my DD saw it she screamed... "Ribbon... mommie more ribbon." She is only 3 and I think she has my addiction as well.why you love Prima flowers? I just started using these cute little flowers and just can't get enough of these beauties. They just add the perfect accent to any card or scrapbook page.what you do with your ribbon and flowers? Lets see... cards and scrapbook pages just don't look the same without ribbon or primas on them. I even use some ribbon to make ribbon roses on a few of my cards. how you store your ribbon and flowers? My ribbon is in a basket behind glass due to the fact that my cats seem to have an addiction with ribbon too... So fr its protection it is behind a glass door in a beautiful much ribbon and/or flowers you have? I have a basket over flowing with ribbon and I have only a few small jars of primas... I just started collecting primas.Jodie... your blog and the shares you offer are awesome.

Alisa Conner-your comment about not needing recovery sounds JUST LIKE ME! :) I have said that before. Because we are like minded, I need to fuel your addiction

Alisa Conner said...
Congratulations my new best friend and as you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE ribbon. Sadly, I am an addict. I fully admit it. They say the first step to recovery is admitting your problem. Only I don't want recovery. Uh-oh! I am not surprised that your blog is so popular. You do a great job!!!Why I love ribbon - because it is soooo purty! Because I can touch and it just "ties" up a project perfectly. I cannot make a project without some sort of ribbon on it. It's impossible. I have tried. It's just not finished without the ribbon. Sorry.Why I love primas: I am new to primas (about year-ish). But I love them because they add girlie to cards and they are so versatile. They can be fun or dramatic or just a little ditty to add a little extra sumin sumin on your project. They are also PURTY! What I do with my ribbon and primas.....I look at them a lot. I touch them a lot....I think of giving them to other people....a lot. Mostly, I hoard them. I save them for me and then I go to the bunker and I hang out with them...because they make me happy. Sometimes, I will give them to other people....but mostly not. Hands off dude! Especially if it is ribbon from you. It's sacred. =)I am the most disorganized stamper on the earth. I am sure of it. I have been attempting organization for several years now...but then I get stamping and fo-get-a-bout-it. Right now, primas are in those little cropper hopper boxes in no particular order because I have no time to sort by color or type or whatever. Ribbon is wrapped around these little cardboard pieces and pinned with a satin pin to stay in place. I cut the cardboard pieces from the leftover cardboard at the back of the DS paper. I am really trying to recycle these days. I have them in this floss display case that my mom found me at an antique mall...but that is only part of the ribbon. The other half is hanging on the wall or is shoved in a drawer or is piled on the table. Told you I was unorganized. I need a team to come and organize me. I think I will try and get on that show. Hee hee.Thanks for posting the candy and for supplying my habit. =) Big hug!

Emily Giovanni-you made me LMBO with your comment about how much you have. LOL

emilymomto3boys said...
Ribbon is my MUST accessory for pretty much every card!Primas are just so pretty to look at and they top of most everything!Put them on cards, ribbon usually tied in a knot - primas usually with a little sparkle in the middle!Primas - wow, they are just everywhere! Ribbon - drawers, racks, bags, etc!oh my, I don't think I even know or want to. How about this, less than you?!?! Congrats on 100k girlie!

Pat S-you had the guts to count and tell. You were the 1st and only to take a census!

Pat S. said...
Hi Jodi!Congratulations on 100,000!!!Thanks so much for your awesome shares...and now, awesome blog candy!!1. Why do I love gives me such joy just to look at them. Each little roll has its own character. The pinks and oranges are happy, the greens are crisp, the blues are soothing, the reds are vibrant, and the purples just scream "pick me!".2. Why do I love Primas?Let me count the ways…They can be Sweet ‘n’ Sassy: sometimes Clueless, sometimes All About Me.They make Impressions wherever they go, maybe a Party Mix or just a little Playtime.They invite you to Get Daisy with them :) Just sprinkle a little Fairy Dust, and they take you to Carnivale, Festivale, Fiesta, and Mardi Gras!When you meet these Crazy girls, Alyssa, Brianna, Destiny, Ella, Lillian, Mackenzie, and Mia…you’ll get a little crazy too. They are Essential! They are the Crown Jewels!(my apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning)3. What you do with your ribbon and flowers?Most of the time, I gaze at them and wonder…what color do I need next?When I can bear to part with them, they decorate cards, and gifts, and bookmarks, and tags, and kitty cats :)4. How do you store your ribbon and flowers?My ribbons have been living in two BIG clear plastic storage boxes, but they told me it was getting a little crowded.So, last week, I surprised them with new “photo keeper” boxes from Michaels.Each family of colors has its own coordinating box. Now they have wiggle room :)My flowers are new arrivals, so they are staying in their travel homes, until they get settled in. Their little milk bottles are parked right next to the ribbon neighborhood.5. How much ribbon and/or flowers you have?I was curious about this myself. The ribbons seem to multiply like rabbits.So, I took a quick census.All total, my little ribbon neighborhood has turned into Ribbon City: population 222!Flower town is much smaller, with population less than 50.But, there will always be room for new arrivals :)

Lissa Huysmans-Your story had me laughing! That is SO like me. I was recently banished to another room because my hubby couldn't hear the TV over my squealing. I was SO excited over the new bras and panties and he didn't get it. LMBO!

Lissa Huysmans said...
Hi JODY,Did you hear me scream this morning all the way from little old NZ when my first ever ribbon share arrived from you. Thank you! Thank You!I was "Oh my goshing" all over the living room when my son and hubbie rushed in to see what all the frenzied excitement was about. When they realized it was the ribbon they both looked at each other, shook their heads, backed out and said together "Oh my Gosh - is that all!"Is that ALL??? I just haven't been watching the post everyday for 2 weeks since I learned how to use paypal. I had to stop myself several times emailing you to say "Are you sure you sent it? Did put the right addie on it?) Is that all??? I was so overjoyed I took it to work with me and showed the kids in my class. The boys looked at my weired but the girls got into it and humored me. :) :) :)So WHY DO I LOVE RIBBON?? I have heaps of ribbon saved from so far back they have gone out of fashion but I still hold to them. I fell in love with the polka dot ribbons when I saw them used in so many blogs, I was so green with envy. I searched NZ high and low for any sign of that type but sadly no. They have most of what you advertise but not one retailer or wholesaler had the polka dots. I was over the moon when I saw you advertise them in your blog because of course I go there all the time to drool and dream.I love the way they add something special to a project whether it is in floral art, quilting or my daughters pig tails. I love them anytime and always try to incorporate them in my work. So thank you, thank you again.I can keep going but my daughter is yelling at me to take her to work. So, bye for now - Lissa


  1. Jody you are too kind- you don't have to send me ribbon because I was the first response. Congrats on the milestone!!

    Big Congrats to all of the ladies who won some of Jody's blog candy!

  2. Whoo Hooo....I just wanted to add that before you use it as a pastie you need to used a big glue dot aka booger to cover the back side of the brad cuz those things will scratch you!LOL Thanks Jody!

  3. Thanks jodi... and congrats to the rest of the winners...

  4. Oh thanks Jodi...yeah more am so happy...thanks for choosing me....and Prima's as Pasties...hmmmmm....just in time for the Lingerie Party....rofl.....

  5. did I just win something?? I am cracking up with all these answers!

  6. wow!! I am so surprised and excited. Thankyou! How cool is that! I finally decided to join you gals so if you have time here is my blog addie

    Thanx again!!!


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