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May 1, 2007

Prima Share update

I have placed a LARGE order of Prima flowers. The wait now begins. I was told to expect to wait at least 2 weeks, so try to be patient. :) I have a couple spots left from what I ordered. Once those fill, a new group will begin. That order will more than likely not be placed until the share deadline (May 15th).

Thanks to everyone who has joined!

For more info on joining, click here:

For anyone who joined the previous Essentials 2 share, click here for an update:


  1. OMG JODY. I now know why you were squealing...They are FABULOUS!!!! Thank you so much, Now I can't wait to play. I almost don't want to use them just keep them to look at. LOL. Thanks again,

  2. Oh my. I do believe you have me beat with your ribbon collection. I thought I was addicted. Well, I am but do not have as much as you do. Awesome collection. :)



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