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Aug 13, 2007

I Have Been Enabled!

Look at my new toy!

Earlier this month, I read a post by Cambria Turnbow about a mini sewing machine. It was on sale *and* she provided a free shipping code. PLUS she had been making totally cute cards using the sewing machine. I am SUCH an easy target!

It was late, I was bored and I have always loved faux stitching so why not the real deal?

As fast as you can say "submit" I had ordered it!

When it arrived the other day, I grabbed the manual and became familiar with my new toy. I have NO idea how to sew so it was an adventure. LOL I read the directions and followed the easy step by step directions on how to set it up. BINGO! I had it ready to go within about 30 minutes (I was reading VERY slowly to be sure I was doing it right).

As soon as it was set up I grabbed some scrap card stock and started sewing. I tried out all the different stitches and determined my favorites. I practiced sewing in lines, backwards, and around squares and rectangles. Much to my surprise (and my hubby's) I actually was ok at it. LOL

So... thank you Cambria! No buyer's remorse for me. If I had to do it all over again I would do it SOONER. I love sewing on my cards. My only hope is that my poor white gel pen doesn't get too lonely. I *may* be using it a bit less. LOL

Please expect to see lots of stitching in my future. I am in love with it right now and am just a tad *obsessive*! LOL

Here is the enabling post:


  1. oH myyyyy! I love this! You are getting so crafty! Sewing for real now! This is a beautiful card!

  2. Don't you LOVE it? I love my machine and can't stop sewing on cards!! YOU GO GIRL!!! SEW BABY SEW!!! :)



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