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Aug 13, 2007

Photographing Cards

I started out using a flat bed scanner way back when I started uploading cards on SCS. That method was about as effective as my cards were cute. (not at all BTW) LOL

I then upgraded to a digital camera and a chair with a white towel draped over it. I even got fancy occasionally and used a brown towel instead. You must have a variety of back drops you know? LOL I placed the chair facing my back doors and sat against the doors on the floor to take the photos. This had to be done during the day to get good lighting.

Then, I decided to change methods again. The chair with the towel then got placed on top of my kitchen table under a light. Then I could take pictures at night. WOOHOO. AND I could stand instead of sitting on the floor.

WELL... I have upgraded once again. :) YAY I got a little light box. I have been wanting one for a long time, but couldn't justify buying one for $150. A friend of mine, Dorinda, found one on Ebay for $45 plus $15 shipping and shared the link with me. I decided to go ahead and get it so I didn't have to deal with the chair... or the towel EVER AGAIN. LOL I have it all set up and love the improvement of the quality of pictures I can take. :) The light box is a little flimsy and there are probably many that are better, but for $60 I am very satisfied. It stores pretty flat, assemble pretty easily and comes with lights and 4 different back drops (not towels... REAL back drops LOL)

Here is the link if you are interested in the light box. I have no affiliation. :)

ETA: A reader posted a comment that these are available at WalMart, but have only 2 backdrops. I haven't seen them there, but it's worth checking out to save on shipping. :)


  1. I've been looking at these for several months now, but can't make up my mind! How much better do you think the photo quality is? Is it worth the $$? I'd love to know your opinion! :)

  2. Jody isn't getto anymore! Way to purchase baby! I love mine too! That Dorinda is a great enabler!

  3. You may want to get the word out to your fans, but Wal-Mart sells these in their photo section for $45.00(not sure if they are the same brand). I actually picked one up on Saturday. It only comes with two backdrops though. I have yet to set it up and try it, but figured $45 is way cheaper than $150 (and I should be able to take decent pictures at night which is always a challenge for me).


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