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Sep 7, 2007

Coffee Confirmed

Remember this post where I shared a cool deal for a FREE Senseo coffee maker with you?

I just wanted to share that at least one blog reader participated and has received her coffee maker. Woohoo Laura!:

I clicked on the link and it still seems to be a valid offer still. Again, I do not benefit in any way from you doing this. I DID participate, paid $15 shipping and received my $70 Senseo coffee maker so I know it is legit. :)

I always tell my kids: sharing is caring. LOL SO, I am sharing. :) Good luck with getting your free coffee maker and if you participated the last time I posted the link I'd love to hear that you got your coffee maker. :)


  1. Thanks for the tip Jody! I got mine the other day... woohoo! I haven't used it yet though.

  2. Thanks again Jody! I hope you love yours as much as I love mine. Have a great weekend!!!

  3. I ordered one from you link and it arrived on Saturday. I used it Sunday morning...and it's great! Thanks for sharing the info, Jody!

  4. I tried but so far nothing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. I also saw your post, blogged about it, and I have also received one!

    I also found directions on the internet about how you can make your own pods, so you don't have to spend a lot of money on buying the name brand pods.


  6. Hey Jody!
    I got an email last night that I was eligible for the free coffee maker, too :):)
    Paid my $15.00 and I guess it is on its way!

  7. Well, I live in the UK, and tried it, and I got an email telling me I was eligible for the free coffee machine, now not sure what to do as obviously we have different electrical currents/sockets!!!!! lol

  8. I just ordered mine on saturday and got an email conformation telling me it will be here this week sometime... most likely tomorrow...

  9. I got my coffee "system" today!

  10. Thanks so much for this information. I tryed once using my inforation and it didn't work. Tried again for my husband and it worked. I filled out the form this morning and hopefully will be getting it soon!!!

  11. Mine arrived today! thanks so much!

  12. I did this on my own last year!! I LOVE my machine. I am so glad other girls are getting htem!


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