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Sep 12, 2007

Glitter Share NOW OPEN!

Glitter? YES! Glitter rocks... well actually glitter sparkles, but you know what I mean! LOL

I found the BEST, highest quality, ultrafine glitter! It is the "May Arts" of the glitter world. :) This is Art Institute Glitter by Barbara Trombley. It is SO sparkly, so ultrafine and just SO beautiful! It comes in a TON of colors! I splurged and got myself a nice collection several months ago and I LOVE it. :) This month instead of getting tangled in ribbon, lets walk around with glitter all over our faces. LOL

The Ultrafine Transparent gives a sheer effect. You can layer it over stamped images and some of your color shows through from behind.

The Ultrafine Opaque offers bright, jewel-tone colors. This variety gives nice coverage.

My favorite glitter adhering methods are: heat and stick powder, quickie glue pen (my favorite), crystal effects or a Glue Pad.

You can even make your own EMBOSSING POWDER! Just get some clear embossing powder and mix in your favorite glitter. You can experiment with colored embossing powders as well! I LOVE sparkly embossing powder!

Here are the details:

This glitter comes in pre-packaged sets of 42, 1/4 ounce pots with screw on lids (just as pictured above). There are 3 varieties: transparent, opaque or half and half (half transparent, half opaque). Each assortment comes with several shades of pinks, reds, oranges, yellows/golds, greens, purples, blues and there is also whites/blacks/silvers.

It is the PERFECT time for glitter! Make sparkly pumpkins, glittering ornaments, dazzling Christmas cards or of course incorporate it into your everyday stamping projects.

I am offering these at a GREAT discount of their retail price. I am also offering half shares. For the half shares I will open up the pre-packaged assortment and split it while still making sure that each participant gets a great variety.



  • 42 pots of glitter

  • 1/4 ounce each

  • nice variety of colors in different shades

  • $80 (retails for $107.50) plus $8 shipping


  • 42 pots of glitter

  • 1/4 ounce each

  • nice variety of colors in different shades

  • $80 (retails for $107.50) plus $8 shipping

Half Transparent/Half Opaque

  • 42 pots of glitter

  • 1/4 ounce each

  • nice variety of colors in different shades

  • $80 (retails for $107.50) plus $8 shipping

Half Shares:

  • Choose any share

  • 21 pots of glitter

  • variety of colors in different shades

  • $40 (retails for $53.75) plus $7 shipping


  • 84 pots of glitter

  • 1/4 ounce each

  • nice variety of colors in different shades

  • 42 transparent/42 opaque

  • $150 (retails for $215) plus $9 shipping

  • Anyone joining this share will get a FREE GIFT of my choice

Due to the weight of these products, shipping to Canada will be $7 for half shares, $10 for full shares and $15 for Glitter Lover shares. All other countries, please contact me for rates. International buyers: buy at your own risk. Postal wait times may be long. US buyers: insurance is optional at your cost. I will not be responsible for packages once they are shipped.

Sign ups may close without warning if spots fill.

No fee for paypal! Paypal is preferred! It's quick and easy! If you need help or would like me to send you an invoice please e-mail me at .

Ready to jump in? Send total amount and DETAILED note about exactly what you are ordering to my paypal address: If you do not know how to use paypal or are having a difficult time, e-mail me at that address and I will send you an invoice that will make it easier to send payment. :)

If you would like to pay by check or money order please contact me at with the details of which share(s) you would like to join. I will add you to the list and send you my mailing address.

As always, I will keep you updated throughout the process on my blog. Shipping time may vary based on shipment from manufacturer, but I will move quickly once I have received the products to lessen your wait time. Thanks in advance to anyone joining! If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at the address listed above. Thank you and happy SPARKLE day! :)


  1. Jody, you ROCK! I already have a large set of this glitter (it IS awesome!!), but you put together the best shares! Looking forward to what you surprise us with in the future :)


  2. I just love you Jody!! You're so sparkly/shiny!!! lol
    Im still floating in all those ribbon shares I got!! lol

  3. I agree. Art Institute glitter is the absolute best in fine glitters.

  4. Oh man! I wish I had all the money for this! Im so sad! Maybe next time! You rock Jody! You find the bestest stuff evah!

  5. jody, jody, jody...

    you are going to have to change the name of your blog...

    to confessions of a bulk buyer/distributor! haha.

    Best of luck on the glitter gala!


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