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Oct 24, 2007

A Sketch and a Scratch!

I'll start with the sketch and will get to the scratch in a minute. :)

This is my card for the Wednesday sketch challenge. I LOVE the sketch challenges. It is a blueprint for a card. I print it out, go choose some colors and start stamping.

Do you want to play? Click here for all the details:

To make the leaf, I first inked up my stamp with my markers and blenders pens. (Since the in colors do not have markers, I soak up ink with my blender pen and use it as a marker. Be aware that once you do that it will be dedicated to that color.) Next, I misted my stamp and stamped it on watercolor paper. Then, I used some reinkers and my aquapainter to fill in the leaf completely. After drying it with my heat gun, I stamped it again slightly offset with my Versamark pad and then used heat and stick powder on it. (Note: when using heat and stick powder only heat slightly or you will burn the adhesive). After heating, I dumped some pretty grey glitter over it. Reheat slightly to make sure glitter is adhered well. Then, when I cut out the leaf I made sure to have plenty of color as well as glitter showing. :)

The other layers are pretty self explanatory.

I whipped out my handy dandy Janome sewing machine and stitched the two layers. Then I added the brads, slapped on some ribbon and stuck it all together with dimensionals. I molded the leaf a little so that it was dimensional and then adhered that to the top layer as my focal point.


Today while stepping into the shower, my foot starting sliding... next thing I knew I was laying on my back on the bathroom floor. On the way down I managed to bang up my right knee, scratch my right arm, hit my left shoulder on the tub, land square on my BOOTIE right on the track for the sliding glass shower door and then slam my upper back/neck on the floor. First I start crying hysterically, then screamed a little in agony over my throbbing bootie. I got up and limped around for a minute before VERY CAREFULLY stepping back in the shower while gripping everything in sight to be SURE I wouldn't fall again. Now I am bruised and battered and have some sort of whip lash. It happened in the blink of an eye and I am still a little shocked that I fell down. Tomorrow, I may feel like I was run over by a truck. LOL It is semi-funny now, but I assure you at the time I felt like I was dying! OUCHIE! (The partial blue/partial black type is supposed to be funny. It is a representation of what I look like right now. Go ahead and try to laugh now). :)

In other news: I placed a glitter order today for a few straggling shares. :)

I also received LOTS of ribbon today. I have it all sorted and lined up ready to be cut and bundled. In light of my recent "crash and burn" I may need to take tomorrow to limp around and whine, but I assure you as soon as I can bend without yelping in pain, I will get busy cutting. :) Thank you for your patience. :) I do have shares available in all types, but you'll need to sign up soon because spots are limited). For details, click here:

Have a great day and take time to stamp a pretty card today. :) HUGS!


  1. Hi there! Just passing through and wanted to let you know I love your work! I've had a look through your blog and it's all so unique!

  2. Jody, this card is gorgeous! DS had to run over to see why I gasped and he like it also!

    Sorry about the nasty slip. I hope you are feeling better tomorrow not worse. {{{hugs}}}

  3. Such a gorgeous card!!! I hope ya feel better!

  4. Beautiful card.

    Hope you heal quick :}

    Those showers / bath's can be "deadly" don't even want to know what I say on TV once from a person falling in their tub.

  5. OUCH! Hope you don't end up TOO sore. :( Ick. Maybe a good excuse to not cook or clean or anything for a few days? You know, since you're in severe pain and all. ;)

  6. How are you feeling this morning? Advil will probably be your best friend for the next couple of days huh?

    Great card!

  7. Oh my, I hope you are feeling a little better today, Jody! Be sure to have dh waiting on you hand and foot though;)

    Your card is beautiful!

  8. You poor thing! Hope your bum heals quickly! On a more hapy note, your card is gorgeous! I love the black EP on that!

  9. OW! Did you crack your bum? teehee... sorry, my DH tells my 4yo DS every morning when he is getting dressed... Um, Spence, your bottom has a crack in it. ;) I sure hope you're not feeling to terribly today ...

  10. omg, Jody....ouch I feel for u and your hinny.... take it easy and rest....take lots of ibuprofen. Was anyone home when this happened? After reading this I will definitely keep a phone close by when I shower. Lots of hugs!!!

  11. I love that card! It is just super cute! Feel better Jody, we can wait for ribbon, take your time to limp and whine :)

  12. I love this pretty. Reading your posts makes me smile!

  13. Your description was so real I felt your pain...hope you feel better soon Jody! Beautiful card btw!

  14. I am so sorry to hear about your fall. Ouchie.


  15. I hope you are ok! I've almost done that a few times, but caught myself in poor thing! I love this beautiful card BTW!

  16. That leaf is divine. Your fall sounds diabolical. NO fun! If you can stand the heat tigerbalm can really help with the ache of the whiplash. Feel better soon! :0) Mel

  17. Wow stunning card love the colours realy beautiful ,Dawnx

  18. OMGoodness. I did the same thing once. My bootie had bruises in 2 lines matching the track and I had a mega lump on my shin for what felt like forever.

    I am sooo sorry for you! Hopefully by now you are feeling some relief!


  19. Gorgeous fall card! The leaf is beautiful, and I love the stitching! Sorry about your fall - hope you're feeling better! :)


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