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Oct 26, 2007

What is a Tonic Paper Distresser?

I got a question a couple days ago asking what a Tonic paper distresser was. Well, here it is. :)

You can use this tool to distress the edges of your card stock or patterned paper. Your paper is inserted into one of the little wedges. Swipe once for a little disressing or saw back and forth to shred it to pieces. :) Either looks great and both can be very therapeutic! LOL Kinda like setting an eyelet with an old fashioned tool and hammer, this tool will definitely empower you. Feel free to shred your paper to pieces. :) You just might like it. :) In my opinion this tool (or a similar one that serves the same purpose) is a must have!
This tool is available in a snazzy color and paired with other stamping tools here:


  1. Cool Tool! Nice that you can buy it by itself. Stampin up has the same tool, but it's part of the distressing kit. :0) Mel

  2. Thanks Jody :0) And here I thought it was some sort of liquid spray that you applied prior to running your CS thru the sewing machine ! heheheheheee
    But now, thanks to you, I know that a Tonic Paper Distresser is :)
    And now, I too shall have to have one as I love to take my stress out on my paper ...heheheh {evil grin}.

  3. Jody... First let me say thank you so very much for my roll of gorgeous green/white May Arts ribbon. It arrived yesterday. Then let me say how sorry I am that you took such a terrible fall. Hope you're feeling much better now.


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