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Jun 19, 2008


NEW product for June:

I have now posted the JUNE STICKY SALE. Click HERE to view the products for sale and get the details on how to order!

I am introducing a NEW and EXCITING product for you this month! DO shaker boxes frustrate you? Do your beads and glitter fall out because you have gaps in your foam adhesive? Do shaker boxes intimidate you? Or are you just looking for a new product to make it EASIER on you? I have the PERFECT thing for you!

Introducing the new die-cut NESTING CIRCLE SHAKER SET! Awesome huh? I made a quick card this evening to show you how the product works. I will be showing some different ways to use them in the coming days so stay tuned. :)
I will also be offering the same 5 sticky products that you all LOVED ! Again, CLICK HERE to view the sticky sale details. :)
Basic instructions on how to use the nested foam circle shaker sets:

If you have any questions about this project, please e-mail me at: ! Thanks. :)

Have a wonderful day!


  1. have sold me!! I have to have this stuff!!! I am emailing you first thing tomorrow to get in on this!! Your card is just waaay too cute!!

  2. How cool!!! Love your card!!

  3. I think it looks super cool!
    AND you can use the circles for glitter circles, too!
    Or would ALSO pearlex work?
    I don't have any of that but I wonder of that Pearl Ex powder would work on them, too.

  4. Love these, Jody and your card is uber cute!

  5. You are the coolest!!! Supah cute card!!

  6. WOW, cool card. Thanks for the tutorial on using the new round shaker foam tape. I can't make an order this time, but will definitely keep this stuff on my list for another order at a later date. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Love it Jody!!! And I am sold!!

  8. Hello!!! Today I find yours blog and I'm fascinated all your works!!! I make great things!!!! Best wishes - Bea

  9. Wow!!!Where do I start? You have so much goodness here.I want to try some of these things and I love chocolate too and stamps.Is there anything better? You are truly talented.

  10. wow! this looks like a must have! lemme get my peeps together for to place a big order heh heh!

  11. This is awesome!!!!

    You got a shout out at Card of the for Tutorial Tuesday. You can check out the post at


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