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Dec 14, 2008

So You Want to Sew? the PREQUEL

Thank you so much for the very sweet comments and feedback I have gotten on the first part in my sewing tutorial series. I am SO glad it is helping. I have THREE more all typed up and scheduled to post at noon (mountain) on the 15th, 16th and 17th. I have a couple more topics to discuss beyond that and will attempt to get those done soon. The holiday season is a busy one! :)

Okay ladies, you have questions and I need to answer them before my next tutorial goes live. :) I didn't realize some of you didn't know how to thread the needle or insert the bobbin. Admittedly, neither did I until I read the step-by-step instruction manual.... *wink* BUT, you would like ME to show you, so I will. :)

I am going to address a few questions I got as well. (if you have a question, please post a comment or e-mail me and I will try to address it in future tutorials.)

Question: What tension setting do you have your machine set to?
Answer: I took a picture of exactly where I have it set. I did not move it. When I took it out of the box, that is what it was on and I haven't moved it since. I am afraid to. LOL It seems to work just fine where it is. :)

Question: Can you show me how to thread my needle?
Answer: YES, tutorial below. :)

Stick your spool of thread on the little stick thingy as shown. The thread should be coming from the spool as shown: (don't mind the messy desk... what's new? LOL)

Pull the thread taut like this:

Pull it UNDER that thingy (not the round thingy, the flat rectangular thingy) and pull the thread THROUGH that slit so it rests in the little round spot.

Now, pull the thread down through the slit to the right of the red plastic thing.

See the little red arrow? Follow that and wrap the thread UNDER that area and begin pulling it up on the left hand side of the red bar.

Now, stick your thread through the little circle eye hole on the black piece. It should go through on the right side and come out the left side.

Now pull the thread straight down on the left hand side of the red bar. There is a black hook type thing on the front/top of the needle. Pull the ribbon through that. It slides in on the left.

Now thread your needle from the front to the back and pull your thread to the left.

I have taken the cover off the bobbin area. See how I have the bobbin placed? That is how you will put it in. make sure the thread is coming from the left of the bobbin spool.

Drop it in. See the little notch thing? Place your thread right where the notch starts.

Now tug the thread to the left. It will go in the notch.

Grab the thread that is going through your needle and tug it to the left with your hand. I tried mighty hard to hide my ugly hands. I am a nail biter. Sad, but true. Ignore any atrocities you might see.

Pull the red knob on the right hand side of the machine toward you 1 full revolution. (the needle will go down and then back up.) Once it comes up, you should see a loop. That is the bobbin thread from underneath being pulled up.

While you are tugging to the left, grab a tool and sweep UNDER the presser foot from the right to the left. That will help pull the rest of the thread out of the bobbin area. (I used a pair of CLOSED scissors) *side note-those are my ribbon scissors. No one is allowed the use those. LOL

Here is the bobbin thread pulled through.

Now slip the thread through the slit in the presser foot and pull both thread tails to the back of the machine. I keep my thread tails pretty long coming out the back (at LEAST 8 inches or so). If you don't keep them long enough, when you start sewing the thread can get tangled OR un thread the needle... which is just plain annoying. Yes, it wastes thread, but I would rather waste thread than be annoyed. LOL ALSO, you may want to hold your threads taut when you begin sewing to prevent them from going wild and unthreading the needle or making a tangled mess. I find if I pull mine out long enough then I don't have to hold them, but if you have a problem with that happening, try holding them when you begin stitching.

Here it is all ready to go with the shield back on the bobbin area.

The machine actually has TWO stitches, with variations for each. See? I would like more choices sometime (maybe), but the price and portability I am happy with the couple options I have.

There is the knob on the right that you wind TOWARD you to make the machine stitch while NOT pressing on the foot pedal. Always use this when you are near the end of the line you are stitching down. You need more control when at the end to keep your corners nice and straight.

Here is my Janome sew mini in it's sewing spot on my stamp table. My very MESSY stamp table. LOL You all seem to be entertained by seeing my disaster area, so here is a peek. LOL It was clean a couple days ago. :) I sit the machine on my Scorpal (with my Scormat on it). I always have my Scorpal on my stamp table. :)


  1. An excellent beginning! Looking forward to the rest of the series.

  2. Thanks so much, now if only I had the time to get it out of the box ...but I starred everything so far in Google reader for Christmas Break...Thanks again!

  3. Hi Jody! your tutorial is wonderful! I used to sew ALL the time but have never used it in my paper crafting and now, you have inspired me to do so! Thanks and look forward to visiting your blog often!

  4. I always wondered what to do with those ending to make it perfect. Great tutorial, thanks for the lesson.
    x Natasha x

  5. Love how you explain what to do with all the "things"! LOL

    Great tutorial.


  6. I was a Home Ec teacher for over 25 years and you explained these techniques beautifully. Congratulate yourself.
    Well Done
    Happy Holidays

  7. Oh my gosh, what a brilliant tutorial. I love the step by step photos. I have my machine out but have yet to use it as I couldn't figure out how to thread it...lost the directions. Now I just might sew. Thank you, thank you for taking the time to do this. I am delighted your Scor-Pal is always out.

    Diana Crick

  8. I have another question for you...did you change your needle and thread to accept a more heavyweight material (paper)? If you didn't, it clearly has not slowed you down! Love your tuts!

  9. My friend directed me here as I could not get to grips with my sew mini machine - brilliant tutorials! I will study them and I WILL get the hang of it now,

    Thank-you so much! :)

  10. omg - as I was scrolling through your pics, I saw the ribbon on your scissors and thought - hmmm, those must be her ribbon scissors! I have a piece of ribbon tied around mine and my kids have explicit instructions they are NEVER to use them!!!

  11. Thank you so much for this tutorial!! I am getting my machine tomorrow. I recognize the nail-biting bit. I do it as well and it is horrible but unstopabble :-(.
    But anyway, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your cards and funloving comments.

  12. Thank you so much for this. I want to begin sewing on my cards and that machine was suggested to me. Even though I haven't bought it yet, I've bookmarked you and will be returning. Off to read the other tutorials!!
    Again, thank you!


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