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Apr 22, 2009

Missing You Bunches: Peerless Water Colors Tutorial

This is a card using Flopsey's Flowers. I pulled out a product I had purchased some time ago and decided today was the day to play with it! I KNOW I am not alone in buying things and then just putting them away and staring at them longingly until at last I decide to USE it. :) LOL
I am SO glad I finally tried it out, because I am in love! LOL Stampy love anyway!
I chronicled the process because a.) it's fun b.) this is a curious product that you have to SEE to understand. LOL
This is my booklet of Peerless Water Colors. It is a booklet of 15 colors. (There are other color options available. This is the most basic) This is not your ordinary set of Crayola watercolors. I am sure you are wondering how water colors can be in a BOOKLET? Right?

Here it is. This is what the water colors look like. This is brilliant yellow. See all the splotchy stuff that is in sheet form? That is concentrated water color stuck to a sheet. It is an interesting concept, so read on...

I followed the directions (need I remind you why? one word: LIQUID APPLIQUE) and snipped a small piece off the sheet. I actually used a 1/4 inch square punch because it looks neater than scissors. LOL I placed the 1/4" square of Peerless into my little plastic palette (Wal Mart $1).Note: you need not be neat (or crazy) like I was... seriously, scissors are fine. LMBO

Next, you just pour some water over it. This photo was taken immediately after pouring the water.

Here is what it looks like just a couple seconds later (literally). See the concentrated water color start seeping from the film? COOL, DUDE! LOL

Here is what it looks like a couple seconds after that.

Just to show you what the "film" looks like after the water color seeps out, I am showing you BLUE "post-seepage". Once the water color concentrate has seeped, you can remove the little piece of film.

I stamped my Flopsey image in Stazon black (make SURE your ink is waterproof) on SU watercolor paper.

I knew I would need some green for the stems of the flowers and for "grass" so I chose LIGHT GREEN. Here is what the complete sheet looks like with the 1/4" square punched out of it. You can see that this stuff will go a LONG way!

Here is the back side of the Peerless Water Color. It is tinted so you can see what basic color it is. You can darken or lighten that color based on the amount of water you use and whether you pour water over it (as I have shown) or use a brush direct to the film (more on that later).

Here are all the colors I prepared for my image. This is just a couple seconds after pouring all the water in.

Here is what they look like "seeped". LOL You can see I added a couple more snips of brown to make it darker. You can also see I left the film in. For the record, the directions say to remove the film. I REALLY don't see how it would differ the end result by leaving them in so against my better judgment (LIQUID APPLIQUE) I ignored that portion of the directions and left them floating in there. LOL

First, I shadowed Flopsey with some yellow. There is really no rhyme or reason to this for me. I just kinda blob some on there.

Next, I colored my Flopsey in brown. MAKE SURE YOU DRY YOUR IMAGE BETWEEN COLORS!

I wanted to darken Flopsey a bit, so I punched a piece of brown and touched my waterbrush to it (I was using an EMPTY water brush that I dipped in water). Doing this gives you dark pigment on your brush. When I picked up the brush, I grabbed the camera and took a picture so you could see the ink on the brush and the UNTHINKABLE happened! Do you see it?

DO YOU SEE IT? Ugh! Brown spots on my cute little Flopsey! I sighed heavily and then decided to go with it...

I picked up my water brush and made some MORE spatters. You know... to make it look intentional. If you can't beat em', join em'! *wink*

OK, now that my spot making hissy fit was over, I continued coloring my image with the more pigmented brown direct from the film. I found it easier to dampen the area I wanted to color on with a CLEAN waterbrush prior to going in with the darker color. It kinda shades itself that way and there is more margin for error. :)

Next, I gave Flopsey some blushing cheeks. I added pink, then went over it with my watered down brown again just to blend it out. Before I blended it, Flopsey looked like Bozo the Clown. LOL

I colored the stems and flowers. Notice how I am leaving some white area? I don't want to color out of the lines and I like that look. If you look at REAL water colored things, that look is present. Note: I am NOT a REAL water colorer, nor am I an expert, so go with what you like. LOL

Next, I drew in the "grass line" and colored it light green (with shading direct to film) and colored the sky blue (washed out a bunch with a clean water brush).

Here is the finished image on my card.

A close up of the details and coloring.

See that flower? I got that die TODAY and I used it TODAY! I shocked myself with that move! LOL

So, what do you think? Isn't it a cool product? Want to try for yourself?
The Peerless Water Colors are on sale this week (through Friday ONLY) for 25% off! For the booklet I showed today that contains 15 colors HERE, it is only $9.75! There is also another option available with smaller sheets, but 40 additional colors for $15.75 and you can get that one HERE. You'll be getting them cheaper than I did! :) LUCKY! LOL You can find them HERE.
If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me, or leave a comment here. Just MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS. :)
Stamps: Flopsey's Flowers
Ink: Stazon black
Paper: SU watercolor paper, white, black, regal rose
Accessories: Daisies #2 Sizzix die (SU), SU jumbo brad, silver brads, May Arts ribbon, water brush, Peerless Water Colors, Janome sewing machine, palette, red line dimensionals


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I just ordered these YESTERDAY! I have been struggling with coloring things and don't want or NEED to spend the money on Copics. Yes, I know that's a totally different look. But, I decided to try out these watercolors first. WAY less expensive. Your card is adorable! I love your tutorial because I didn't know I should even try it this way:) Thanks again!

  2. What a fabulous card! I love the ribbon treatment and embellies. I love how you turned a mistake (the black dots) into an asset. It looks great! Love it!

  3. Fantastic tutorial Jody! I've been wondering about the Peerless Water Colors...they really do go a long way eh?! wow!
    LOL @ not going outside the lines...I'm like that too ;)
    I'm jealous you got that daisy's awesome!!! Love the slanted ribbon treatment!

  4. LOVE it, Jody!! Great tutorial, and your finished card is darling!

    I kinda like the spatters!! ;)

  5. Awesome tutorial, Jody! I also love that you made your mistake part of your card instead of starting all over, which is what I would have done! LOL!

    I can't wait to break out my Peerless Water Colors today! Now that I know how to use them!!!!

    Fabulous card, too, by the way! I love that die! Is it a nestie? Very cool!!!

  6. AWESOME! Someone gave me some of these and I did not have a clue how to use them. I dabbed my brush to them occasionally but didn't know you could dilute it to make color! Thanks for going through the steps! Your card turned out wonderfully...spots included!

  7. What a great coloring product. Beautiful card! I like how you used the ribbon.

  8. Jody, your little flopsey card is so adorable! Thank you so much for this tutorial. I saw the peerless watercolors in the MFT store a couple of times and always wondered how they worked but never enough to take the time to google it. I definitely have to get my hands on some of these now! Thanks again for the enabling! ;)

  9. Jody I cant tell you how many times you had me LOL and snorting! The punch TOTALLY killed me!!! :) I have been looking at those for awhile now and though HOW THE HECK???? NOW I know, so perhaps on my next order...I still have the sparkly ones in the package from MFT...along with the mixing board thingie! LOL So NO! You are SO not alone in buying and waiting to use, it's "normal" ;)

  10. Marcia Luisa4/23/2009 9:31 AM

    Enabler. Now I will have to go look this up and try it.
    Thank you so very much for the detailed tutorial. Looks easy enough, and does not look like too much of a learning curve.
    Beautiful card.

  11. Adorable Jody, I need to pull out my peerless water colors and start using them again...I'm just so hooked on my!!

  12. great tutorial - thanks so much Jody!! I actually have these, but never thought to punch and put them in water!! love it!! now I'll need to try it this way. :)

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