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Aug 20, 2009

New School Year!

Hi all!  Sorry I went MIA for a couple days!  My 3 kiddos started school on Monday and it has been a whirlwind of school supplies, open houses and paper-signing! 

My son started HIGH SCHOOL!  Oh my goodness!  He is on the high school football team and I am looking forward to cheering for him from the stands!  I'll photograph him soon and post it.  He left early on the first day of school so I missed the photo op with him!

My daughter, Bailey, started MIDDLE SCHOOL!  Again... oh my goodness!  Where did the time go?  She is SO excited about being a middle schooler and SO enjoys switching classes throughout the day and choosing her lunch from the several choices available (pizza, subs, "regular lunch line" and salad bar).  I am looking forward to the next couple years as she matures and delves into the teen years.  She is a great helper, Mom's companion and a very thoughtful little girl!  Here she is on her first day of school:

My husband has been calling her Jody Junior lately.  LOL 
Madeline, my youngest, is in 4th grade this year.  She no longer has a sibling in the same school as her.  This is the first year that she did not cry on the first day of school.  YES, it's true!  Every other year she cried on the first day of school (and many subsequent days depending on which year we are discussing).  Lets just say she LOVES Mommy and Daddy and does not like to be away from us.  She is thrilled with her teacher (who JUST received his PHD) and is excited for the year to come.  She is Mommy's little helper, my snuggle bunny and a super-sweet little girl!  Here she is on her first day of school:
Here are my 2 sweet girls together:
On to the stamped goodies!  :)
I made these projects using the MFT Kit found HERE.
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  1. I find it so funny that your daughter Madeline and my daughter Madeline are so similar. My Madeline is starting 6th grade but has cried every first day of school(and subsequent days) since beginning preschool. She used to cry through the beginning of October but now stops after the first day or so! She, also, loves being with Mommy.

  2. Your girls are darling and so grown up! My youngest (boy-11) would be very happy to spend every day at home with mom, too.

    We've another couple weeks before school starts (thankfully since we finally found time next week to take a short vacay!)

    Oh, forgot to mention, great project, too!

  3. She is a tiny you, how CUTE!! Love the pics and the project!! You rock!!

  4. The pictures of your girls are wonderful~! They are BEAUTIFUL! I'm not sure what middle school is, but I'm guessing it must be about 7th grade? We call that Jr. High here from 7 to 9.
    Your project is amazing! I love the bold colours!

  5. Ha -- definitely Jody Junior; beautiful girls! Yours look like they are doing the same as mine -- about to catch up to each other in height!

  6. Fabulous pictures of your girls, they're both beautiful like their mom! Great project!


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