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Sep 14, 2009

Love Machine

I am just LOVING this month's MFT Kit!  It is SO much fun to create with!  :)

I used a Sizzix die that I have to create a chipboard mini book using the digital papers, image and all the sentiment in the stamp set!

In the picture above, the pages are fanned out, so you can see some of the other elements of the book peeking out.  Here is a close up of the sentiment that I surrounded with Swarovski crystals.
This stamp set is great for making cards for men and boys... but this project was made for ADULTS ONLY.  That was your warning... LOL  If young children are sitting on your lap, please don't let them see the last photo on this blog post.  :)  It's a bit *naughty*!  *wink*
Here is page 2:
I just LOVE that sentiment!  :) 
Page 3:
Page 4:
Naughty Alert: not for young eyes
When I was finished making this, I showed it to my husband (I SHOULD have waited until I was going to give it to him, but I couldn't stand it... LOL).  He had a good chuckle after seeing the last page.  I think when stamping entertains men... you've done well!  LOL
Ink: Memento black
Paper: Mr. Roboto digi paper pack, white, black


  1. Ahhhh LOL!! I love it!! It's naughty!! Haha?

    Thanks for letting me know about the card carrier! No hurry, though. Especially since I can't stamp yet!

  2. LOL @ your last page! Very funny! You are always so full of inspiration!! Off to catch up on your blog now :)

  3. LOL! Fun card, Jody! Of course, now I have that darn song stuck in my head, too~

  4. Thanks for making me smile as I start my Monday work day! This is just to cute and so creative!

  5. I am laughing out loud! This is so great! I LOVE it! I must have the kit now - shame on you Jody! HEE HEE!

  6. bwwhahaha I am cracking up at the "Love Machine" !!!


  7. Oh this is just out of this world fun, love it!!!

  8. I was sitting at work laughing so hard. And I don't know about your kids but I think the warning should have been limited to those that could read...LOL

  9. OMG this is fantastic!!!!!!!

  10. Sooo funny and creative- it's really great!

  11. YOU GO GIRL! I needed a good laugh! Cute little number:)

  12. This is beyond awesome Jody!! Love it!!

  13. cute. I was fighting off the urge to buy this stamp but he's starting to win me over.
    Love the pink halloween stuff.
    Not sure about the rat!

  14. Oh my gosh Jody!!! You're having way too much fun with this kit now. :) I love it though!

  15. This album is SO flippin' cute, Jody! You are naughty, but so clever! :)

  16. LMBO!! TOTALLY LOVE THIS (especially the last page)!!!!


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