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Dec 8, 2009

Flurry of Love

Hi all! Can you believe we have had 2 days of snow in the past 7 days? I live in the southwest! What in the world is going on? LOL Snow days are not something my kids are accustomed to, but they thoroughly enjoyed their short week last week with TWO snow days where school was cancelled. Fun times! :)

As the snow began to melt away, I started thinking of ways to prolong that powdery snow... then I remembered a super fun product I purchased a couple years ago: Snow Polymer! Add that to a super cute Pure Innocence stamp set, Flurry of Love, and you have a super fun "snow" project that makes a great gift!

My inspiration for this project was the white snow laying on the ground outside, but this project was made possible by SNOW POLYMER. Don't know what it is? Click HERE to check out the product and see the little "video" that shows what it does. You MUST get some to play with. It is fun for kids of ALL ages! :) It is a white, powdery substance that when combined with water, expands to 40 times it's original size. The reaction happens in just a couple seconds and it is SO fascinating. My kids LOVE it! I usually go to my kid's classrooms and let the class make some. It's always such a hit and the kids ooh and aah. SO worth it! I bought the one pound jar several years ago and it has lasted for quite a while. I am running low for this year, so I just placed an order for another pound. One pound will go a long way and will be plenty to play with and share. I have a coupon code for free shipping if anyone is interested and wants to get some (please note I am not affiliated with Educational Innovations and am not being compensated for sharing this info):
Use coupon code HG09 on your next purchase, and receive free shipping for orders over $25.00. This coupon is valid only for prepaid orders placed on our website, and cannot be combined with any other offer. Free shipping offer is available in the continental United States and only applies to standard shipping. To ensure your order arrives in time for Christmas, we suggest you place your order before December 15, 2009.

For all international orders or anyone shipping outside of the 48 contiguous states, please use coupon code INHG09 for 8% off your entire order totaling over $25.00! (This is approximately equal to the savings of domestic free shipping coupon.)

Offer Expires: December 20, 2009

To start, I made pre-portioned (1 tsp) baggies of snow polymer. I used tiny jewelery bags available at Walmart for this. I decided to use my MFT Perfect Packaging jar to house the snow polymer "kit". The jar was decorated with scalloped white card stock and a label I made using Flurry of Love (which is currently sold out, but you could use THIS one instead). On the lid, I spelled out SNOW using Alpha Dots and embellished with a Heidi Swapp ghost shape snowflake. In the jar, I placed the baggies of snow polymer and a little poem/directions that I wrote myself. PLEASE don't laugh, but here it goes: *blushing*

Sending you a flurry of love!
This jar holds something magical.
You will smile and squeal with delight.
It's something that most everyone enjoys...
Either to play in or relish the sight.
To start the fun, the process is quite simple.
Just add 1/4 cup of water to the magic dust,
and by the count of three, you'll be done.
To have a White Christmas, this is a must!

Merry Christmas and may your flurries be many!

With Love,
If you'd like this in PDF form, it will be available from MFT in traditional, MFT font. I will update you when it is available and let you know where to find it. There will also be a project sheet PDF to help you along.

I made a matching card to go with the jar. The image was stamped in Memento black and colored with Copic markers. I used my new Copic airbrush to make the wispy blue shadowing around her. The hat and cuff of her boots were embellished with Sparkly Fluff, which is SO cool (flock with tiny strands of glitter in it). I added Martha Stewart tinsel glitter to the snow on the ground and Dazzling Diamonds glitter to the snow that is falling. The sentiment was stamped in black and clear embossed to make it POP off the patterned paper.

I am looking forward to sending off this snowy gift and look forward to making a couple more. This would make a GREAT gift for someone who lives in an area where there is not typically snow. Who am I kidding? This stuff is COOL! It is good for ANYONE! LOL


Yesterday, we discussed the crazy things kids put on their Christmas lists. Many of you had some funny stories about your kid's lists! I can definitely say I am in good company! :) You'll be happy to know that I went and bought a couple accessories for my daughter Bailey's cash register today. Guest checks (for when she wants to open a restaurant), little price tags (for her retail shop), zippered money bags (for when we need to empty the cash register of REAL cash and let Mom hold it when friends come over AND for holding the fake money when the real cash is in use). I am thinking that should provide her with countless hours of cash register fun! Thank you to everyone who shared your stories with me! Here are a couple of my favorite Christmas wish list stories:

Lisa Silver said...
Super cute card, Jody!!
My 8 yr-old son's wow item on his list this year (and last year) was a shed. Yep, a shed. He even said he'd worked it out with his great-grandpa to have electric wired to it for the heater he'd requested on his other list to Santa. Sheesh! My little boy is wanting a man cave at age 8.

Lori Craig said...

My 9 year old daughter wants a bow for archery hunting...and the list says specifically 'a cool one like dad's - not a toy' LOL - We're still thinking about it. She did get her first deer this year, so there's no doubt she'd want to try bow hunting. :)

Anonymous said...

Great card! My son wants a Claw machine--you know those machines found in store lobbies that have a claw hand and you have to try to pick up a stuffed animal. His version picks up candy. Why does he want one you ask? So he can make money. Yes, I get the privelege of buying him the machine and the candy and then I have to buy it AGAIN from him when I use the Claw. Did I buy it? No, but I convinced his aunt to get it!!

Thank you ALL for sharing your stories! I enjoyed reading them!


Today, let's talk about Christmas stockings. One of my kid's favorite things about Christmas morning is getting to rifle through their stocking. SO many fun little things packed in a small space. :) This year, I'd like to find some new and interesting things to put in there, so:

Question of the day: What are some of your favorite items to put in your children's stockings? Leave your response below.

Some of my favorites are:
  • lip gloss
  • Littlest Pet Shop toys
  • Pixos refills
  • fun hygiene items (shaped soaps etc)
  • gift cards in small amounts


  1. jody...these are wonderful! love the *pop* of orange! never would have thought to use it ona winter card, but it is spectacular! awesome job!

  2. What a wonderful idea Jody, just darling.

  3. This is so sweet...I LOVE her in pumpkin!!!! What a cool idea for the polymer snow too, although no fake snow needed here in New England!

    We don't have kids, but as a kid I used to love getting some sort of small toy in my stocking. My parents had a rule that we opened our stockings in our bedrooms (Santa always set them outside our doors) then we had to stay in our rooms for another 20 minutes, so the toy definitely helped pass the time, along with the clementine Santa gave us for a morning snack. :)

  4. I love this gift set!! Fabulous Jody!

    Stockings are always half the fun on Christmas morning! My little one is only three but I like to put some chocolate in the bottom (because Christmas wouldn't be complete without spoiling your breakfast with early morning chocolate) and a colouring book, some dress-up jewellry. This year there is a dvd going in there. I guess it will change as she gets older and her interests change. The chocolate will remain constant though! ;)

  5. What an amazing project and so cute!

    As for stockings, I don't have kids but we always get at least socks, a calendar, a small gag toy and mascara in our stockings still!

  6. So cute and very clever! Love the little poem!!

  7. Super cute card and little jar!! The orange is a fun change of color. :) Love the "snow"!!! Both in the jar and on the card.

    Don't have kids, but I like to put in fun magazines, sunflower seeds, jerky, gift cards, candy, travel sized things into DH's stocking.


  8. So very cute and a wonderful idea! Yes, southwestern snow and school delays. I live in Albuquerque.
    My kids (now "grown-ups") always get a 'lifesavers' book in their stocking and still do. My family and my husband's family also had this tradition. Does anyone know how long they've been around?

  9. STUNNING!!!! Love the colors/papers/ribbon choices!!!!

  10. This is such a great idea Jody- thanks for the idea, links etc! We live in Houston and our poor pathetic snow last week didn't last very long, so this will be a great treat!

  11. Oh my gosh! What a fun idea Jody. For my kids stockings, even though they are getting older, I still put some candy, gum, gift cards, colored pencils for DD, hygiene stuff wrapped up, among other stuff.

  12. Very Cute Jody! I love the Orange! What a great little treat!

  13. What an adorable set!! Wow!!!

  14. I am SO TWO MONTHS behind on getting back to you only because I forgot .. now YES I am in Alamagordo.. where the heck are you ..



  15. I've had such a crazy week at work and am now just finally getting around to blog...yours is always one of my FIRST stops because you never disappoint! Nope...not ever! Once again you are brilliant in your creations!!! Love the "snowy" idea! Surely someone who doesn't get snow would love some!! I know IF I didn't see snow it'd be cool! I see WAY too much and too much cold too...-41 here this morning with the windchill! YIKES eh?!
    If I can be honest, I don't fill the stockings, my husband does. He says I suck at! So he fills Chloe's, mine and his OWN! haha!

  16. Sasha I live IN Alamogordo! :)

  17. oh, Jody! I am in love with what you did here. that paper and the colors are just sooooo gorgeous with this sweet little flurry girl!

  18. You are so clever! What a great idea to include a little snow project! Love it!

  19. Brilliant! I can't believe how cool that snow polymer is. Too cool for school, LOL. I bet the kids go crazy over watching it expand. Your card & jar design combo is perfect! You're making me wanna use orange in a BIG way! :O) Our families favourite thing to put in stockings is a silly toy that everyone can play with. Last year we all had gooey lady bug races with dollar store lady bugs that roll down the window...

  20. Love this set! So pretty!


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