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Jul 29, 2010

The Little Movie Box That Could

Hello everyone! The title of my blog post says it all. Today, I am sharing the story of The Little Movie Box That Could with you. You may think I am crazy obsessed weird, but I think about stamping quite a bit. Even if I am otherwise occupied doing something, such as watching TV, some part of my brain is thinking about something else... and this week... it was the little movie box that could. I was watching a movie with my girls and all the sudden, I had the idea to use my cute TCP set, Good Friends, to make a kiddie-pack type movie box and fill it with all the things listed in the set. I asked my daughter to get me a pen and paper and sketched out my idea immediately. That night, I thought about how it might work, and then the next night I got started on my project. Now, typically I am a night-owl stamper. When I started the project it was about midnight.

First, I had to figure out how to make the base of the box. To do this, I grabbed a piece of copy paper and ruler and decided how big I wanted my base to be. I decided on 4 X 6 and then started plotting out my score lines, paper sizes, etc. I am a very math-oriented person, so this is actually FUN for me. LOL Then, I grabbed an ugly color of card stock. I know some of you are gasping... YES, I use REAL card stock when I am figuring out a template. I just choose a color that I know I don't use much of (gable green LMAO). Copy paper does not behave like card stock and it's far too flimsy. So, I go for it... and cross my fingers. It doesn't always work the first time, and this time was no exception. I had to work with each part of my movie box about 3 times, so this project was a big Gable Green card stock waster (OOPS). After several hours of playing with it, I had it just right, so then I began brainstorming about what was going to go in the little slots. I didn't want to go with the typical popcorn, candy, and Coke. I wanted to envelope the parts of the TCP stamp set, Good Friends. To do that, I needed:
  • remote
  • popcorn
  • tissues
First, came the remote. That came together pretty easily, really. I just plotted out my size and score lines and it only took me a couple tries to get it just the way I wanted it. Then, I used my remote as a guide, and mimicked the buttons on it using various punches and a couple different colors of patterned paper. The remote is a box with a "crayon box type" lid. Inside, you can put some hard candy or something. :) Maybe a gift card to the movies, or Blockbuster.

Then, I was thinking I could add a mini pack of Kleenex in the "popcorn section" of the box. The problem was, I didn't have any mini packs of Kleenex. I SO wanted to get the box done, so I grabbed my car keys and drove to the gas station that is 1/2 mile from my house in search of them. They didn't have any. I came home, defeated... and decided to make the matching card to the set. :) After I was done with that, I decided it was time for bed.

The next day, I went to Walmart and bought some mini Kleenex packs. I came home, and guess what? They don't fit in the space! *growl* At least now I have 8 mini packs of Kleenex for my girls. LOL At that point, I had no choice, but to grab a little pile of tissues, roll them up and shove them in the "cup portion" of the box. Done. It's not what I envisioned, but sometimes, you just have to let it go. LOL Then, I remembered I wanted to buy mini bags of popcorn from Walmart, so I got BACK in the car and headed over there to find them. (stampers determination LOL) I was SO excited when I found some. It said MINI on the box, so I was ASSuming they would be small bags. WRONG! They are the SAME size as the "normal" microwave popcorn, just in a shorter bag! LAME!

I was SO annoyed. LOL It was expensive ($4 for 10 bags, when I normally buy 24 bags for $5) AND the wrong thing. I tried to put the bag in the box and it looks RIDICULOUS! LOL So... My final plan is to stack the bags of popcorn underneath the box, with the remote full of candy and Kleenex in it and just enjoy the cuteness of it.

This box just about drove me crazy, BUT I finished it... and I like it... AND it made my girls coo like babies, so I call that SUCCESS. :)


  1. awesome Jody, this looks like fun !

  2. I love you to pieces, laughed so hard at your commentary... This rocks!

  3. So cute!!! And your determination is both impressive and inspiring... (well sort of... ;)
    Diane Cooper

  4. Get out! Once again you have outdone yourself! I'm always amazed at what you come up with! LOVE the colours you used!!
    LOL I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that makes NUMEROUS trips to find the perfect items...sorry you couldn't find exactly what you were looking for but it's awesome anyway!!

  5. Precious box, Jody! With that kind of determination we sure could've used you to be the head of BP Oil. The job would've been done right. Thank you for the SVG.

  6. LOL loove how your brain works Jody!! {grin} Gorgeous project

  7. This is INCREDIBLE!!!!! Your story-telling abilities are just about as fabulous as your stamping/paper-crafting abilities!!! I laughed out loud several times!! I, too, am a night-owl stamper ...I feel your pain. heehee!! Seriously, this box is devine!!!

  8. You are just sooo talented and creative! This is amazing and so cute and fun!!

  9. Hola chica:
    Me,re awesome.
    You make my laugh, and laugh
    and...ok. Take care.

  10. OMG! SERIOUS??? I am SO not a math kinda gal.... It is UNFRIGGIN REAL how your brain functions! You TOTALLY crack me up and make me SO surprised and TOTALLY IN AWE!!!!! YOU my friend are a Stamper ROCKSTAR!!!!!!!


  11. Oh My Gosh! You are tooooo funny!

    I love the box; You're so creative and it's SO cute. But, your narrative is hysterical!

    You are a funny lady!

    Thanks for sharing your dilemma with us, as well as your creativity. ;-)

    ...glad to know I'm not the only one who should probably buy stock in WM. I, too, make 2-3 trips a week sometimes.

  12. Totally cute!! What a neat idea!!

  13. OMWord!! Jody this is AMAZING!! I love the whole thing! Can I be your friend :) *wink wink

  14. Wow Jody... this is totally over-the-top cute! I may have to get that set - I love what you've done with it.

  15. This is the cutest! Love it! I think around Halloween Walmart does have mini popcorn bags that are actually smaller than the regular ones. I got some at Sam's once to give to my Trick or Treaters. Of course, they were orange but you could always alter them:)

  16. Just catching up on your shenanigans... WOW! This is truly the cutest thing ever. AMAZING!!! (Despite your truoubles... ;) )


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