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Aug 9, 2010

Generous Harvest... of sweet tea

If you read yesterday's post, you already know the tale of the sweet tea.  This is the second and final casualty.  LOL 

This card uses Clearly Sentimental about Harvesting, the Rolled Flower Die-namics die, Glittered Garnishes, Ruffled Ribbon, and net ribbon.

It's quick and easy... and totally drenched in sweet tea.  Nice.  *eye roll*  Maybe I should start keeping a sippy cup with me when I am on the computer.  LOL

Thanks for stopping by!  See you soon!


  1. I dont see no Sweet Tea on this card! LOL


  2. I just need to get me those dies!!! Great Card!!

  3. Oh no, you killed this one too?! All that HARD WORK for these two cards!!!! :(

    LOL about the sippy cup! We have a ton here, I'll mail you one! Hahaha!

    PS: I wanted to ask you, are the glittered garnishes what you put inside your rolled flowers? Where can I purchase some?

  4. Quick and easy? I don't think so. What a beautiful card, I love that sentiment. So sorry about the tea mishap...maybe a sippy cup isn't such a bad idea ;)

  5. You crack me up Jody! This card is SO beautiful! Those rolled flowers totally ROCK!!!

  6. Too bad that those beautiful works of art were destroyed!!!
    I have often thought that scrappers sippy cups were something that would make alot of money!!! (especially when I was at a scrapping retreat and alcohol was involved!!)....
    I think we should market this... I will be your canadian distributer!
    Diane Cooper

  7. Any chance you can just call it 'tea dyed". It is lovely in the before pic.

    Sippy cup or at least a cup with a lid!!! :)


  8. Sippy Cup...LMBO!! You are too funny!! Love this, sorry it is all caffeinated and stuff now...

  9. perfection! love all the stitching and your beautiful rolled flowers.

  10. This whole thing is amazing, but your rolled flowers are perfect! Hey, I spill wine on mine all the time, sippy cup would be a great idea!

  11. Beautiful Jody! I've missed your work while away! I'm off to catch up!!

  12. What a disaster with the tea! Sweet tea should be banned!!! I absolutely LOVE your cards. You have a very specific and recognizable style which I like a lot. Do you actually sow those lines on the sowing machine???
    Best regards from the Netherlands,

  13. I must get that rolled dienamics die!! The card is so so so cute!

  14. i dont see the sweet tea---it looks FABULOUS. (might have to start drenching my cards in sweet tea too!)


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