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Aug 8, 2010

The Sad Tale of Fred and the Sweet Tea

It pains me to write this post... but Fred Bear had a run in with the sweet tea.  It started out innocent enough... I was hot... and thirsty... and on the computer.  My computer desk was in it's normal state: post-it notes stuck everywhere, notebooks, random to-do lists, printed documents, pens, scissors, tape, MY FRED BEAR CARD... you know... all the essentials (and then some).  I went to grab my sweet tea and well... I missed (or something) and next thing you know, Fred Bear is drowning in sweet tea.  I tried to revive him, but he was already gone.  RIP Fred Bear roasting marshmallows over my fire with "real" sticks.  *sigh*

Fred Bear was stamped and colored with Copics.  I gave him a fire-side glow with E50 and E51.  His marshmallow is on fire, and he is almost ready to make s'mores.  :)  I colored the fire with a mix of yellow, red, and orange.  He is sitting on a Small Scallop cork ground.  His nose was coated in Sakura clear glaze pen to give it some shine.

I made a fire pit with REAL sticks (aka brown card stock, run through a crimper, and then sliced thinly, crumpled, and adhered over the image of sticks.  (which are now drenched in sweet tea)

Just take a look at that tree die with the built-in embossing feature.  *swoon*  I can't get enough of it!  It should have a label on it that says: JUST ADD FELT LEAVES.  It just looks so darn neato!

Look at the fun texture!

The inside of this card is ironic.  A Happy Camper I am NOT! (says the chick whose card she loved is now RUINED because of a pesky glass of sweet tea).

CURSE YOU, sweet tea!

I'll be back tomorrow... with the sad, yet not AS sad tale of the Clearly Sentimental about Harvesting card.  Yep, you guessed it... SWEET TEA!


  1. OH NO!!!!!!! Jody ... all that work and you ruin it with tea yikes!!!!!! It was an awesome card too.

  2. omg! That's terrible! LOVE all the texture and dimension you did on the card! RIP!

    hugs! Kim @
    party inspiration

  3. Ohh Jody at least you have this AWESOME with Fred.

    love your fire sticks!

  4. Oh my-what a fabulous card-I love all the details esp his 'wood' in the fire!

  5. I'm so sorry for your loss. The only way to get past this though is to recreate your masterpiece and banish the incident from your memory...painful lesson learned!

  6. But what a way to go! I just LOVE sweet tea! It was a great card!! May Fred Bear rest in peace (cause I am sure he has a big smile on his face). Love the fire sticks too!

  7. Awww... Fred -- you were a beautiful card in the prime of your life. At least we still have the photos... RIP. :) The wood, though, was killer. (No pun intended)

  8. At least you got photos first, but still....uuugh!! It's super cute!!

  9. OH Jody!!!! I'm so sorry that you ruined your fabulously AWESOME card!!! At least you have the pictures!

  10. Lesson learned?? No tea near the computer!!! :) sorry your card is KIA. bummer :( Very cute, too!! Love the "fire", and the felty leaves.
    RIP Fred!!


  11. Lions and tigers and Fred with Sweet Tea, oh my!

    This is the cutest darn thing I've seen!

    Hugs for your loss! :)

  12. I had the same run in with Diet Coke last week. it was sooo sad! BUT your card is darling. LOVE the fire pit and that tree die IS amazing!

  13. Ok, I look at your card and wonder where the mistake is!!! It still looks perfect!!! I can't wait to get my new tree die, it rocks!

  14. GREAT always have such awesome details and ideas!! LOVE it girl!


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