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Sep 29, 2010

Digital Designs Day at MFT

Hi everyone!  Today is a SURPRISE release from MFT and it's all about Digital Designs!  There are 4 new templates that have been released and a digital paper pack. 

If you'd like to see a list of participating designers for today's Digital Designs Day event, please head over to Kim's blog at 11 AM EST. 

For my project, I used the new Pumpkin Box Template.  It is super cute AND easy to put together.  I am looking forward to making many of these for gifts for Halloween and Thanksgiving.  :)  I used the SVG format of the template and cut out all the pieces on my Cricut Expression.  (looooove it) 

I had so much fun with the first one, I decided to make another... exactly the same.  LOL  I just changed up the sentiment.  Aren't these little things sweet?  They are about 3 inches tall and hold a little bit of paper shred and about 25 Werthers candies.  (yes, I counted LMBO)

I did something I NEVER do... NAKED BUTTONS.  Just to prove to Susan that even *I* break the rules sometimes.  What good is a rule if you don't break it every now and then?  LOL  I did it, it was fun, and I liked it so much I did it again (for the 2nd box), so take THAT!  ;)

By the time I was done with my 2nd box, my 12 year old, Bailey, decided she was ready to tackle it.  With a bit of hands-off instruction, she made one herself.  And it was perfect!  That's my girl! 

I took a couple pictures along the way to show you:

Here is the lid piece.  All you have to do is use the included PDF as a guide for where to score.  Easy peasy.  :)

This is the base.  It's identical in "form", just a bit longer. 

Here is a shot of the lid construction.  That is the stem being taped down in the center of the lid of the box prior to adding the liner in it. 

The 4 new templates and digital paper pack are available NOW in the MFT store.  You MUST head over and check them out.  There are SO many cute ones to choose from! 


  1. this is awesome ... love all the buttons on the lid

  2. Wow, these are super cute boxes! And you're right, naked buttons work great. I sometimes use naked buttons but I had NO idea there was a rule NOT to do that LOL.

  3. WTH? You TOTALLY need to title your loads with **WARNING Rule breaking in progress** I damn near fell out of my chair when I saw those buttons!!!! **GASP** It was an INSTANT attention getter for me!!! LOL I LOVE these boxes and will be on them like white on rice I tell ya!!! LOL

    YAY for DD being a PRO-fectionista like her Mama!!!! :)

  4. I am beside myself. I thought I could always count on you to follow the rules. {shakes head in disbelief}

    Your boxes turned out totally cute! I sure hope those 25 werthers were the ones covered in chocolate! MMM.

  5. oooooo, soooo sweet! and GASP!!! naked, buttons, really???? LOVE the look, great boxes!

  6. Jody, I love these! I think I am going to attempt one today, possibly with some naked buttons!

    as cute as the post is about breaking your own rules, I'm hysterical over the comments here!!

    do you need me to call you and make sure you're ok and not shaking like a leaf, having anxiety over their nakedness? i'll be happy to talk you down off the ledge. like overcoming a phobia, you've jumped in with both feet to snap yourself out of it and i'm now worried that it could be too much for you. Stay strong my friend (and if these are just too much to look at every day, reminding you of your sordid past regression, send them to me--with the candy).

  7. Okay, so this is going on my list of "things I never thought I'd see in this lifetime"...

    These boxes are totally cute, Jody -- naked buttons and all! :)

  8. Love those NAKED buttons Jody, FABULOUS!

  9. TOTALLY adorable, even with NAKED buttons, LOL!!!

  10. Cute! I love them!! Now I just need an electronice cutter... ;)

  11. Oh my word, just keep amazing me...BUT, I have no cutter, so I'm in need of cutter purchasing advice!

    Bravo, Jody!

  12. Adorable! The buttons are such a cute idea!

  13. Love the template!! I DO have an obsession about no NAKED buttons but, yours look good!!

  14. very cute, nakie buttons and all.

  15. Well, *I* think you should have threaded all those buttons. ;) Super cute, Jody!

  16. These are stinkin' cute!!! Love the buttons on top - even if they are slightly under dressed!


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