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Sep 3, 2010

I Simply Adore You... AND this little cutie

Hello everyone and thanks for popping by today. 

I don't have much to blab about today.  This is just a card I made for fun.  It uses Being Cute is What I Do.  I adore this little girl with flared pants and piggie tails.  She must not be "into fashion" like my girls are.  Doesn't she know that skinny jeans are all the rage?  LMBO  Now I, being from the MC Hammer pants generation, does not understand this skinny jeans thing.  I was MUCH cooler in my slightly baggy jeans, that I folded over on the bottom and rolled up a couple times.  And let's not even get it in to the hair.  Let's just say that this PI's piggies are WAY cuter than hair as big as a lion's mane.  Trust me.   

Speaking of her hair, I colored it using my Copic W's.  I love the way Kerry colors her PIs with "black" hair, and I wanted to give it it a try. 

That's it for today!  See you soon and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Super Cute card and I must say... being a BIT older than you...we did the "skinny jeans" however they were called pegged legged...we would SEW (ok I didn't, someone else did for me) our jeans so that you had to be a prima ballerina toe pointer to get those babies on... Levi 501's were SO totally "IT"!!!!! but the hair, yes, still the same... God Bless Aqua Net! LMAO

  2. Ah she's just darling, Jody!

  3. Honey, it is just too cute! I love her, she might be my new fave PI, but don't I say that about everyone! Love her shirt and the layered flowers, perfection!

  4. I am in LOVE with how you paper pieced her shirt with plaid and how you gave her "dark" hair!! Adorable just adorable!

  5. I'm rollin' laughing at your big hair comment....haha...those were good times girl!

    Love this sweet card! That PI girl is a fave but then I say that about all of them ;)

  6. She's SO pretty! Love her and your card! I so remember everything you're talking about!

  7. So very cute!!! Love her ponies and the jeans.
    Don't get the whole jean thing, but whatever......


  8. THIS is darling! I love her shirt and the colors are just great.


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