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Sep 6, 2010

Princess in a Castle

Hi and happy Labor Day! 

Today's project has been swimming around in my head for about 2 weeks, and yesterday I finally had the time to execute it.  :)  I purchased some tall paint can type tins after Christmas for 1/2 off and I had ONE left.  I decided it would make a good princess castle (tower... whatever).

I knew I wanted to make "bricks/stones" around the tower, but the thought of cutting and rounding all 4 corners was a bit scary.  Make The Cut to the rescue!  Here is the Make The Cut Tutorial: Creating a castle wall and window.

Please forgive my photography.  The tower is over 12 inches tall and it didn't fit well in my light box.  I took the top off on one of the pictures so you can see the whole effect. 

I took some pictures along the way, so I could show you the process.  :)

Here is the beginning stages of building my castle wall.  First, I cut some light grey card stock to the size needed for wrapping my tin.  I added all the red line adhesive I needed for that prior to doing anything else.  You can see a bit of that to the upper left of this picture.  After I had my piece sized and ready, I began laying out my bricks.  I used 2 red line dots to adhere each one.  Each brick was sponged using going grey ink before it was taped down.  I staggered them as shown.

I wanted to show you the card stock that once held all the grey bricks.  Have I mentioned that Make The Cut saved me SO much time with this project?

Here are all my bricks laid out and adhered.  I skipped the bricks that would overlap the other side (as shown).

I wrapped the finished piece around my tin like this:

Then, I adhered the last 4 bricks.  This allowed me to have a consistent pattern around the tin and masks the seam quite a bit. :) 

I grabbed my castle window (created with Make The Cut) and put red line dimensionals all the way around it. 

Then, I used the inside piece of the window to roughly cut the shape with my Pure Innocence Princess on it.

I added tulle for some princess-like drapes on the inside of the frame, and then put red line tape over that so it would adhere to the tin.

Here is the finished project:

For the cone top, I cut a 7 1/4" circle, then cut a slit from the mid point, down (radius).  I then formed it into a cone shape and adhered in place.  To adhere to the lid, I made flaps inside and added red line dimensionals to the flaps.  When I put it down on the lid, the flaps adhered to the lid, holding it in place.  The "pole" holding the sentiment flag is a bamboo BBQ skewer that I colored dark grey with a W7 Copic marker.  It is held in place by glue dots on the inside of the cone top.

This will make a nice gift for a pretty princess, filled with some fun bath products or maybe a nail kit.  You could do this same thing with any sized can or tin. 

Stamps: Pure Innocence Princess
Ink: Memento black, going grey
Paper: Going Grey, Basic Grey, Basic Grey Olivia patterned paper, white
Accessories: Copic markers, tulle, Make The Cut, sponge, red line tape

Now you can head over to the Make The Cut tutorial for step-by-step directions on how to create all the pieces you'll need for this project.

Have a great day and I'll see you soon!


  1. This is SUPER cool and I'm Laughing as OMG How UGLY is all that sticky stuff... I always am in awe when I have 90 billion pounds of stick'em and it is GAWD AWFUL on the inside, but all covered up... GORGEOUS!!!!

    Some lil princess is going to LOVE this....

  2. Holy carp - this is SO amazing!! Love your tower Jody and those tulle curtains are perfect! Argh - stop tempting me with MTC!!

  3. This project is magical! So sweet and so many fab details. Those curtains are a perfect touch!

  4. Too freakin' CUTE! I love it!

  5. You have so much patience!! it's absolutely gorgeous!!


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