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Apr 5, 2018

Craft Hack for Cross-Stitching on Paper - You NEED to See This

Hello, hello! I have some valuable tips & tricks to share with you, so kick up your feet and get ready to get excited about cross-stitching on card stock. I'm not a big cross stitcher — I've never created a "real" cross-stitched wall hanging, however, I had caught the cross-stitch bug and with anything I do, even crafting, I like to be efficient! I found that poking out the holes on panels for cross stitching was a little time consuming, and I knew I would want to cross stitch multiple things, so I tried bulk die-cutting and paper poking and it worked!

First, let me show you the eye candy of my post — a little southwest number with 3 stitched cacti and a pink background and border. Just go with it. I know the sky isn't pink, but pink makes everything more beautiful. <3 I found a similar pattern online and changed it up a little and adapted to work on the Cross-Stitch Rectangle.

Now it's time to rewind so I can show you the method behind my madness with ALL of our cross stitch dies (present and future...shhhhh, that was a hint).

Die cut 12 Cross-Stitch Rectangles, one at a time. Be sure to use your metal adapter plate — the dots will be more easy to remove.

Now put them in a stack together like this. All 12 of them!

Now, grab a pair of tweezers with a long "nose" like these. If you hold them all in a big stack, you can poke out all 12 layers at once using the tweezers.

This is a ridiculous picture where I show you how you will be inserting the tweezers in the stack of rectangles. I just like to be thorough. LOL

At this point I was on the phone with Stephanie Klauck and explaining to her what I was doing. She asked if I held the panels together with a banana clip. Um, huh? Ohhhhh you mean binder clips? NO, but I do now. That is a bonus tip! LOL So, put binder clips in place as shown and keep poking. I will warn you, you will end up with dots everywhere, so either do your best to corral them, or deal with dots on the bottoms of your feet for a while.

Here I am about halfway done.

And DONE! At this point, I removed the clips and smacked the stack on the edge of my desk about 10 times just to let the last remaining stragglers fall out.

12 beautiful panels. The tips don't stop here though! Keep scrolling!

These panels are a decent size and you'll be holding it for the next several hours as you stab a needle through it many times. Paper doesn't hold up as well as cloth, so I double stack them for extra sturdiness. In full disclosure, even if it didn't make it sturdier, I would probably still double stack them, because I like to do that to some most die cuts.

I use a Fineline Applicator with Gemtac glue in it and add glue around the outside and a few random dots on the panel. Then I press them together and let them dry. Once fully dry, you are ready to create your masterpiece. :)

When I was doing this I stuck my shirt over my knees and sat in a super weird position so I could catch as many dots as possible. This is the aftermath. This is only about half the dots. LOL

But LOOK what you can create! You can do it. It's such a fun couch activity.

Be sure to check out the Tricks & Tips from the rest of the team on the MFT Blog. I can't wait to see what I learn!


  1. Great tip! I tried it and it really makes it so easy to get a bunch of panels cleaned up for cross stitching

  2. Lmbo!! I can picture you doing this! Thanks for the tips and the visual!

  3. Thanks so much! Do you use stranded floss and if so, how many strands do you thread the needle with? Great tips!


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