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Jan 26, 2009

Lindor Lollipops

During a recent trip to Walmart, I found some Raspberry Dark Chocolate Lindor Truffles. I was first drawn to the fact that they are Lindor Truffles (YUM) and then was drawn to the color of the wrapper. Raspberry Fizz... Raspberry Truffles... and in the cart they went. :)

I wanted to use them with Lauren's Lollipop Along Template, but obviously they are not lollipops, so I decided to make my OWN chocolate lollipops. I went to the craft section and found some lollipop sticks (Wilton).

All I did to make my own lollipops is:
  • untwist one end of the truffle wrapper (make sure to untwist the bottom so your lollipop's words are in the correct direction). Let's call that a JODY RULE! LOL
  • shove stick into truffle
  • re-twist wrapper on

Chocolate lollipops! Easy, right?

I came up with three different lollipop alongs using the template. The first I made was with the vellum. I went for a "less in more" look. I stamped some flowers on the vellum and then made a little sentiment plaque to adhere to the vellum. The butterflies were die cut with a Spellbinders die. The black band helps to support the vellum and prevents it from flopping forward. I put FOUR jumbo brads in on the top and used those to close the top with ribbon. I went with a "piggy tails" look for the ribbon and made two bows. :)

The second and third were made slightly differently. I decided to cut a peek-a-boo hole in them using my Nestabilities. After all, I was so proud of the Raspberry Truffles and wanted to show them off. :) I stamped some flowers in Versamark on the card stock. On each, I added a sentiment and Butterfly embellishment. The tops were tied shut with a ribbon bow. Again, I set 4 jumbo brads in each lollipop along (so the top could actually be opened).

A few helpful hints when using this template:

  • Make your own lollipops with Lindor Truffles
  • When assembling the base (lollipop holder): fill it with shredded paper (like for gift baskets) prior to sealing it shut. When inserting your lollipops, they will stay upright and not flop over. My first box left my lollipops flopping over and it drove me crazy, so I trashed it and came up with an easy solution. :) Floral foam or styrofoam would also be a great choice I would think.
  • Insert a peek-a-boo hole if your lollipops are pretty. :) You could decorate them with card stock or ribbons and then show them off.
  • Instead of printing directly on your card stock, print on copy paper, then plot out the dimensions for cutting and scoring and use your paper trimmer/scor pal to make the box.

Gift Cost Breakdown:

Initial Expense for template: $5

Truffles: $1.80

Lollipop sticks: $.20

Card stock: $.45

Patterned Paper: $.30

Ribbon: $.30

Brads: $.68

Cost for gift: $3.73 (AFTER purchasing template for $5).

Stamps: Garden of Life

Ink: Raspberry Fizz, Versamark, True Black

Paper: Raspberry Fizz, True Black, White, Raspberry Fizz Mix (patterned paper), linen vellum

Accessories: ribbon, lollipop sticks, Lindor Truffles, Nestabilities, Spellbinders die, silver brads, jumbo eyelets, shredded paper, anywhere hole punch, Butterfly punch, red line tape, red line dimensionals


  1. oh wow, Lindor needs to see these!!! How CUTE are they stuck on a stick?!?!?!? My hubby loves the white chocolate ones so I might have to borrow this idea for Valentine's day.

    GREAT JOB! Such imagination and cleverness!

    I like the peek a boo ones best cuz those lolipops deserve to be shown off!

  2. Wow, what a wonderful gift. Thanks for sharing, I just love all that pink & oh my gosh for making your own lollipops - genius!

  3. Super cute! I wish I would have known I needed foam while I was picking up the loli-pop sticks! I guess I will need another trip to the HL. You know I want to make this now! Such a great idea.

  4. OK I am so jealous, where did you get the Lindor chocolate lollipops or did you do this yourself, I love the Timeless Templates, I have this one but haven't made anything with it yet, this is so inspiring.

  5. WOW, these are all so stinking cute! I love all the different looks you have going! They look yummy too!

  6. How cute! I love the colors!

  7. I'm right there with Paula, she said it best. So STINKING Cute!
    Really love this one.
    I also need to get my hands on the stamp set too!

  8. The first thing I thought when I read the title was, "I didn't know lindor made lollipops!" How clever are you! I've been meaning to buy several of these templates. Now your projects have reminded me to do it today. Great inspiration and tfs the tips

  9. How beautiful these lollipop holders came out. I must get this template. You ALWAYS come up with wonderful ideas! Love how you stamped each one and embellished them. You're a genius! Camille

  10. You've done some wonderfully creative projects with the template!

  11. How brilliant are you Miss Jody!?! I adore the chocolate lollipop creation, especially how you ensured to keep the words lined-up. Ohhh my, you sound so much like me and my "standards", it's scarey :) LOL
    I've really fallen in love with the raspberry fizz and dark chocolate cardstock together. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration.

  12. Too funny, I have been playing around with the lollipop template also. Love your idea for the Truffles.

  13. Aren't you the clever one! Whoo Hoo. I love Lindor Truffles too and this is just the cutest ever!

  14. This is gorgeous! Now, I need that stitched ribbon. Thanks.

    PS, your commentary with shoving the stick into the truffle is killing me!

    Great project!

  15. Another great Jody project!!!

  16. Wow, this is gorgeous! Love the colors... :)

  17. How cool is that! You're so clever! I love it, and you can't beat the price for such a fabulous little gift!

  18. By the way, you are a genius and I LOVE this, LOL!!

  19. Clever girl -- pure genius. Outstanding presentation!!

  20. FABULOUS!!! And totally laughing at the "shove the stick in the truffle" comment. :)

  21. Love your lollipops~ You are BRILLIANT Jody! All your packages are gorgeous!

  22. These are all such wonderful gifts! Great detail, and stamping went into these!

  23. num num jnum!! love your directions(shove in stick) hee!

  24. THese are fantastic! So cute! I Love your clever idea for making the suckers!

  25. You are cracking me up! I must say I was intrigued to find out my favorite chocolate came in lollipop form. Then found out it was all you! LOL Fantabulous work, Jody!



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