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Jan 25, 2009

Raspberry Sweets

Hi all!

Thank you all SO much for the wonderful and sweet comments you have left on my "Half a Million Reasons to Celebrate" post. They have made me laugh, smile and even tear up a little (I AM a sentimental sap ya know?). You still have time to enter if you have not done so already. I will be drawing the winner for the package of sticky stuff worth over $40 on Wednesday at approx noon. :)

As you may have noticed, I usually stamp in a "series". I have some patterned paper or certain colors out on my desk and I use them... and use them... and use them some more. After all, WHY would I go through all the effort of pulling out the paper, stamps, ink, matching ribbon, brads and everything else only to make ONE thing. It is more efficient to stamp in a series. LOL WHY am I bringing this up? Well it leads me to this week's disclaimer:

I apologize in advance for bombarding you with creations in pink, black and white. I am attempting to get a head start on making Valentine goodies for friends and family and this is what called my name. LOL The next several posts will be using the same color combo. :) I stamped for HOURS yesterday and made lots of goodies and treats and they are all pink, black and white. :)

The "Bittersweet" pink and brown series went on for NINE posts. LOL We'll see how long this one will last. :) LOL

OK, now that my thank yous and disclaimer are out of the way, let me explain this project for you. :)

I used Lauren's Take Along Tote for this project. In my LAST post, I used it as a card/notebook holder. In this post, it carries CANDY! I am a MAJOR sweet-a-holic! If it contains sugar, I more than likely LOVE it. :) Chocolate, non-chocolate, powdery, sour, sweet... I don't discriminate! Bring it on! :)

The sides of the tote are covered with patterned paper. I attached handles that came from a die that I have instead of punching a hole in the side. The pockets are dressed up with some stamped card stock and a chipboard flower. To make the flower, I painted the chipboard with white craft paint (using a sponge dauber to avoid paint brush bristle streaks) and then stamped on the chipboard with Raspberry ink using a background stamp. This was an annoying process because I didn't want to stamp the dots until the flower was assembled (so they would be evenly spaced dots), but couldn't really assemble it prior to sticking it on the paper, SO I stuck it on the paper and then stamped. I thought since it was dimensional on the paper, that the ink would not get on the card stock. WRONG! Grrrrrrrr! So, then I have this panel all stamped with chipboard attached and have random pink dots on the card stock. I have a rule to myself that I should first attempt to salvage the project, so I decided to adhere the "Sweets" panel over the majority of the dots. That covered up the majority of them. Then, I added three brads on the lower left, which took care of one random dot there. There are 2 more spots on the panel that are driving me crazy, but I decided to let it go. :) Did you find them? Upper left hand corner of the panel? OOPS! Please ignore those. :) The opposite pocket was decorated in a similar way, but that flower was whole, so I didn't have any dot issues on that side. The inner pocket was covered with paper and I attached a bow for decoration. The outer pockets are stuffed with Fun Dip and the inner pocket is filled with Pixie Sticks. YUM YUM! I closed the tote with a tiny clip from SU.

This should make a sweet gift for a sweet someone. :)

Fact: 95% of the time, I stamp first and decide who to send it to afterward. I rarely have someone in mind when stamping.

Stamps: SU, CHF
Ink: Raspberry Fizz, white craft
Paper: Raspberry Fizz, True Black, white, Raspberry Fizz Mix (patterned paper)
Accessories: My Timeless Template, Nestabilities, small clip (SU), chipboard flowers (SU), white craft paint, sponge dauber, silver brads, die, sticky dots, red line tape, red line dimensionals, score pal, ribbon


  1. Love this Jody! The raspberry fizz is fantastic!!

  2. Beautiful holder! It is great to hear that we all make mistakes and come up with unique ways to cover up our mistakes. I don't notice any extra dots.

  3. Very cute! Stop being so hard on yourself, I don't see any problems at all!

  4. Seriously, girl, I wouldn't have noticed ANYTHING wrong with this project. Love that big flower and...oh my those candy straws!!

  5. Jodi, what a novel idea...use paper for more than one thing! I will have to try your method on my stacks of retired paper LOL! Only I get bored so fast I don't think I'd stick with it! Fabulous the different ways you are using Lauren's template and the raspberry fizz paper is gorgeous! I won't mind seeing a couple more ways to use it!

  6. yesterday's project was cute, no doubt... but today's project?? LOVE IT!!! I too share your sweet tooth for anything that has sugar in it. What a great idea to use the Tote for the pixie sticks! And I love the pink and black scheme... terrific job!!

  7. yesterday's project was cute, no doubt... but today's project?? LOVE IT!!! I too share your sweet tooth for anything that has sugar in it. What a great idea to use the Tote for the pixie sticks! And I love the pink and black scheme... terrific job!!

  8. You can keep bringing on the pink, black and white --one of my favorites combos! Fabulous creation!

  9. This is so sweet! I love it! Great idea! TFS

  10. That's a great project! I love the colors.
    Really, you have got to stop being so hare on yourself.


  11. Fabulous Jody, love that raspberry fizz paper!!

  12. Simply gorgeous!!! I love the color combo and this tote.I may need to get it for myself!

  13. Super-DUPER cute!!LOVE it!


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