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Apr 2, 2009

Some-Bunny Special: Tub Tablets

Hi all! Happy April! It is nearing Easter and I started making some little treats for the occasion. This little project is the first Eastery thing I have made.

This is a simple project and the BEST part is that it was VERY inexpensive to make! :) Want to know how? Read on! I took pictures along the way so I could show you how to replicate it.
I was strolling Target's dollar spot the other day and spotted these cute little packages of tub tablets. I decided to pick up a couple. It's ONLY a dollar after all! LOL
I sat and stared at it and decided that I didn't like the packaging it was in. It was going to be hard to alter it because of the colors and the words that were under the plastic. I decided to make my OWN packaging. First, I ripped off the cardboard backing. Be sure you don't mess up the plastic portion of the packaging. After I removed the cardboard backing, I squirted some water on the plastic portion to help me get off the remaining paper and residue. After rubbing all of it off, there was still some of the printing left on the plastic, so I grabbed my sanding block and sanded the printing off carefully.
*note to self-throw away that sanding block! groooooooooss! LOL

Using your Nestabilities (or cutting system of your choice) to make a new back panel for the tub tablets. Use a PATTERNED paper for the piece that adheres to the plastic packaging. The adhesive will be less visible if you do. :)

Put a thin line of liquid glue around the rim of the plastic packaging.

Place your patterned paper circle over the glue on the packaging and press lightly.

Flip it over and press outward on the rim of the plastic packaging. You want to squish out all the excess glue and leave as thin a layer as possible.

Like this:

Set aside your piece to dry as you work on your image panel. I used a dollar stamp I found at Michaels (probably one or two Easters ago) for my image. It came with a sentiment, but as you can see, I removed the sentiment from the bunny and mounted it on the end of the block. Don't be afraid to do that. Make your stamps work for YOU. If that means you cut them apart, so be it! I colored the bunny quickly using Copic markers.

I pierced holes around the bunny panel.
TIP: when you need to pierce in a circle, use a piece of plastic canvas (Walmart)
*note to self: OMG look at all those piercing holes! WOW! (I have a back-up, but can't use it because this one is still alive... barely!

Now grab your dried tub tablet packaging. There will probably be some of your plastic showing outside the lines of your paper. If there is, please trim it off with scissors. It will look funky against your other layers if you don't. That's an order!

Use red line tape on the back of the packaging layer.

Stick it to the black mat.

Put red line tape on that layer.

Stick it to your scalloped layer.

Adhere your image panel with red line tape. (I used Sticky Dots)

For the sentiment, I stamped it on some matching patterned paper and cut a "tail" on the end. Instead of using scissors, I used a corner of my square punch. YAY for symmetry! I wanted the sentiment tag to pop out in the middle, so I used a 1/2" sticky dot on each side and then a red line dimensional in the center.

Stick it on like this:

Here is the finished product! Easy peasy AND inexpensive. Total cost after altering is under $2! PLEASE make sure that the recipient knows that this is NOT candy! LOL These are tub tablets for bath time! :)

Stamps: $ stamp, A Muse sentiment
Ink: Memento black
Paper: Imaginese, black, saffron
Accessories: tub tablets from Target $ spot, red line tape, red line dimensionals, sticky dots, Copics, paper piercer and mat, Crystal Effects glue
Up next... see what I did with some Peep's Lip Balm from the Target dollar spot!


  1. Wow, these are really stunning! makes a lovely change from chocolate or sweets (candy)
    love your blog BTW,
    Hugs Sarah-Jane xx

  2. The whole time I was reading through this post I was thinking -- what are tub tablets; that's a weird name for candy, is it because of their shape? And -- you'd have to give these to someone you know well because of giving away candy in altered packaging. And then I found out that they're for the bath! LOL!!!

    Jody, this is a great project. I'm off to Target to find some of these for my DGDs to use as a vacation gift when we go to the beach next month. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is waaay too cute! great job, jody! I enjoy every visit especially seeing very creative treats like this!

    hugs from the Philippines,

  4. Super cute, and cutting those stamps is WAY easier than "masking" part of it off....

    I'll have to drive up to Target one of these days and see what I can find cuz YEP! It's ONLY $1!!!!!

  5. What a fabulous re-packing are always ;)

  6. You are soooo smart. Very cute. Keep up the good work. (fun)

  7. This is fantastic! I may have to stop off at the $ Store tonight now! LOL

  8. This is adorable! I love it! I am going to have to go to Target tonight to see if they have any here ;) TFS!

  9. This is totally amazing! :)

  10. Clever girl!!!!! It's super cute.

  11. This is an incredible project Jody! Thank you for sharing!!

  12. This is TOTALLY cool!!! You're awesome, girl!

  13. What a ROCKIN' project, Jody! Thanks for sharing the how-to!

  14. Wow! What an awesome project.

  15. This is soo cute Jody!! Texas misses your mojo!!!


  16. so creative, just love how you have dressed up the packaging!

  17. Jody, you always have the best ideas. This is fantastic!!!


  18. super cute..and yay for the Taget $1 spot but it looks like you spent $3 in paper and supplies fixin' it up *giggle* it is super duper awesome now though!

  19. Wow, you are so stinkin clever!! I love this!!

  20. Wow, Jodi! You are on a roll! I am going to look at blister packaging a lot differently now! Thanks for the inspiration!!!


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